Vegan food in Japan – organic and available online

Vegan food in Japan – organic and available online

Here at Healthy Tokyo we’re striving to bring all sorts of healthy foods your way.  Living in here it can be a challenge to locate certain foods. It becomes particularly tricky if you are searching for Vegan food in Japan.  We are well aware of this shopping challenge and here to make it easier for you.

Here is a smattering of our line-up of Vegan food in Japan.  Explore at your leisure – And remember to keep checking back as we are adding new products all the time.



The line of Provamel offers 4 different Vegan milks – oat, rice, almond and soy.  One of these will become your go-to milk and will be a great accompaniment to Nature’s Path organic cereals that are certified Vegan.  We currently carry Nature’s Path Corn Flakes, Coconut Chia Granola, Instand Hot Oatmeal, Love Crunch Apple Chia Granola, Pumpkin Flax Granola, Whole O’s.

In addition, the Whole Earth line of organic peanut butters is certified Vegan and whether you are a fan of smooth or crunchy, it’s available.

Still in the breakfast realm is the organic line of Italian Fiordifrutta fruit spreads in a wide range of fruity goodness that are all certified Vegan.


Lunch and Dinner

Is soy meat one of your reliable sources of protein?  We’ve got all sorts of soy products in different forms for various uses and some great sauce mixes to make a quick meal. All of our soy meats are Vegan. Please do check the ingredients in the product data section for other soy products as our soy hams, for example, contain milk protein and are not Vegan.

In the mood for curry? Try the lineup of Ma’s Happy Life Kitchen Organic Curry. We have green, red, brown and mild yellow curry pastes for your ethnic food adventures. These are delicious and easy to combine with veggies and soy meat.

To accompany your soy meat or curry meal is our line of both brown and white organic rice, lovingly grown in Japan through traditional farming methods.

Got a hankering for a bowl of pasta?  We can help there too!  There are three great plant based pastas available.  Lentil, green pea and chickpea – all certified organic. We also have amazing organic wheat pastas and Vegan pesto, in addition to other delicacies to satisfy your Italian cravings. Top them off with one of the great garden fresh organic tomato sauces and you’re all set.



You won’t feel deprived of dessert with the Provamel individual soy desserts in chocolate or vanilla.  These are portion-controlled pods of silky smooth decadence.  Vegan and non-Vegan friends alike will soon be pilfering these from your fridge – Tastes so good.


Super Foods

Some of these foods are probably a mainstay in your Vegan diet, if not they can add real significance to your system bringing lots of vitamins, minerals, protein and anti-oxidants to your plate.

Chia SeedsHemp Seeds and Hemp Protein all make great additions to your salads, smoothies and snacks.

Also try the line of super food supplements from the Sembrador Company including Camu-CamuMaca and Macqui which are all certified Vegan.



Among these are coffeetea and coconut milk.  The tea selection from British Clipper Tea Company and coffee from the Mount Hagen Company both adhere to organic and fair trade practices and being plant derived are naturally Vegan.  You can also find our organic oil lineup along with plenty of other products for all occasions.

So take a look and stock up on Vegan food in Japan to keep you full and happy. The best part – You don’t need to take two trains and hike to the few stores you know carry Vegan items.  Go ahead and shop in your pajamas any time, we’re not looking!

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