What is Camu-Camu and why is it good for you?

What is Camu-Camu and why is it good for you?

Despite the unusual sounding name, this relative newcomer to the health food scene offers a great amount of nutrients that can be highly beneficial to your health. What is Camu-Camu and why is it good for you?

The camu-camu tree grows in swampy flooded areas of the Amazon rainforests of Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. Reaching a maximum height of 16 feet it forms cherry like fruit. The fruit is peeled, dehydrated and then made into powder that is the most common form of camu-camu. It also comes in capsule form if dealing with powders isn’t your forte.

What is Camu-Camu and why is it good for you?

What is camu-camu most known for? Probably for its incredibly high amount of Vitamin C. Just one teaspoon of powder offers 240% of the daily-recommended amount. Putting that in perspective, one average orange has 85% of the recommended Vitamin C for the day. Our bodies cannot make vitamin C so its up to us to ensure we get enough and camu-camu powder can sure help you meet that demand very easily. Adequate vitamin C can help boost the immune system, aid in wound healing and assist in collagen production making make blood vessels and muscles strong.

What is camu-camu less known for? The berry contains important amino acids also not produced by our body. Among those are valine, leucine and serine that are needed for muscle and bone support and growth and nervous system function. The goodness doesn’t stop there. Camu-camu also boasts impressive amounts of flavonoids which serve as antioxidants in our system helping to neutralize harmful free radicals. Other important antioxidants present in camu-camu are gallic and ellagic acids that appear to have anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Some studies have shown camu-camu can be beneficial as an inflammation fighter which may be of interest if you suffer from any inflammatory conditions such as gout or arthritis. Other research has shown it may be helpful with cognitive issues as high Vitamin C has been linked to eliminating plaque build-up in the cognitive pathways and is getting attention in the fight against Alzheimer’s and dementia.
Camu-camu also has high amounts of magnesium that has been reported to have a relaxing effect on the body that could be helpful with mood swings and depression.

Enticed by all these qualities and wondering how to incorporate it into your life? In powder form it has a naturally tangy taste that makes it the perfect partner for your yogurt, oatmeal and smoothies or added to sparkling water for a healthy refreshing drink. It can also be added to baking or when making frozen desserts. Add some camu-camu powder to give your salad dressing a little kick and take your salad to a whole new level! It is sugar and fat free so no worries about adding anything extra in that department. If cooking isn’t your thing taking the capsule form of the powder will yield the same properties when taken as suggested.

It seems obvious this rainforest berry provides some really hard to beat attributes but like anything moderation is the key. Less is more seems very appropriate with respect to camu-camu. Due to its extremely high concentration of Vitamin C it can cause stomach irritation to those with pre-existing conditions such as stomach ulcers or digestive issues. Caution is also recommended if using while pregnant or receiving chemo treatments, so consultation with your doctor is always suggested before use.

This tiny little berry could be a great supplement to help support your healthy activities and life in general. Check out all the products  with camu-camu powder in the online store at HealthyTOKYO.

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