What is Cardiovascular Surgery?

Akasaka Hitotsugidori Clinic is a primary care clinic located in central Tokyo. They were established last year and are now part of the HealthyTOKYO Medical Partner Network. In this article, they’ll explore how their clinic handles cardiovascular surgery and several diseases related to it.
What is cardiovascular surgery?
Cardiovascular surgery is surgery on the heart, arteries and veins. Cardiovascular surgeons are also commonly known as cardiothoracic surgeons because they also perform surgeries on the lungs and other areas of the chest. The department of cardiovascular surgery performs surgeries and treats life-threatening diseases such as anginas, myocardial infarctions, valvular heart disease, and aneurysms.

Although we don’t perform surgery at our clinic, we do offer the same high-quality medical care given to patients undergoing cardiology treatment. Treatment is not limited to only the heart, either; we offer treatment, examination and diagnosis of all diseases. We can select the best treatments for you, including surgery, because cardiovascular surgery and cardiology is our clinic’s core care, we can assure you a smooth and pleasant experience.

Periodic inspections after heart surgery
With regular blood, electrocardiogram, and echocardiography tests after heart surgery, you can live your daily life in peace. In addition, we recommend you seek out immediate treatment for any kind of problem detected early. Feel free to visit our clinic for such, as we understand that foreign, university and large hospitals have very long waiting times and are very crowded. With us, you can alleviate any stress. And because we cooperate and have relationships with such hospitals, you can receive examinations at our clinic and then be referred to your primary care hospital when necessary.

Testing for concentrations of warfarin in the blood
In order to prevent angina, valvular heart disease, and thrombosis by way of arterial disease (myocardial infarction, cerebral embolism, pulmonary embolism, etc.) after heart surgery, we target those who are taking warfarin of medicine to smooth the blood. Because of the risk to one’s life, warfarin use must be strictly controlled. We can determine and prescribe a safe dose by accurately measuring the concentrations in your blood with onsite state-of-the-art measuring equipment.

Early detection and treatment of aortic aneurysms or any abnormality of the aorta is immensely important as it involves possible risk to life. Since problems leading to aneurysms are mostly asymptomatic, they cannot be found without inspection. Fortunately, detection is possible through echocardiography. We recommend echocardiography to be carried out at once, because this is a health diagnosis you can easily test without any pain.

Valvular heart disease
Valvular heart disease is one without many noticeable symptoms. But even without noticeable symptoms, with regular consultation, those suffering from mild to moderate heart disease can enjoy everyday life without problems.

In cases where symptoms are detected, the patient needs to consider seeking out internal medicine treatment and surgery, for left untreated, heart failure and cerebral infarctions can endanger their life. But since it can be found quite easily with echocardiography, those who are anxious about their heart’s condition are invited to be inspected. All you have to do is visit our clinic.

Akasaka Hitotsugidori Clinic offers services for general internal medicine as well as provides doctors from a number of prestigious hospitals who specialize in a variety of areas including those mentioned above. 

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