Using Anti-allergenic Sunscreen in Japan

Finding a trusted, anti-allergenic sunscreen in Japan is so important during the hot, humid summers. Coming from an Aussie, you can trust that I take my sun protection seriously! However, sunscreen in Japan is very different to sunscreen from overseas.

Compared to sunscreen from abroad, Japanese sunscreens come in very small bottles and the consistency is very watery and thin, so you wonder if it’s effective at all. Usually, the SPF (sun protection factor) is also a very high number which makes you question whether its full of chemically derived additives that may cause negative skin reactions.

You probably read about the two types of sunscreen in our article about sunscreen in Japan. The two types are organic and inorganic sunscreens.

Organic sunscreens absorb the UV rays and change it to heat, whereas inorganic sunscreens work like a shield to reflect the UV rays. The product I’m using today is an organic sunscreen so the active ingredients are naturally derived and absorb harmful ultra violet rays.

A good anti-allergenic sunscreen in Japan will protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Both types of ultra violet (UV) rays are detrimental to your health. What’s the difference between UVA and UVB though?

UVA rays will penetrate the dermis. This has negative ramifications for your immune system, not to mention, UVA rays will cause skin imperfections like wrinkles and sunspots to appear. UVA rays cause these and other signs of premature aging.

On the other hand, UVB rays will cause superficial burns on your skin, which can result in skin cancer from prolonged unprotected sun exposure.

As Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer and melanoma in the world, I’m very meticulous with skin care and I always opt for natural sunscreen because the last thing I want is to harm my skin when I’m trying to protect it! Finding an anti-allergenic sunscreen in Japan proved to be a problem until I found this one.

I wear sunscreen everyday, even in winter, under my makeup, when I go for a run and basically anytime I go outside (which is all the time!) This anti-allergenic sunscreen in Japan is the best product for that. It comes in a compact 35g tube, making it ideal for travel or just to keep in your bag for quick application.

I also don’t have to worry about this sunscreen leaving white streaks or staining my clothes because it’s a gel and gets absorbed really easily. Even though it’s really light, the gel also keeps my skin hydrated, and protects it from the other elements, like wind.

I really like that I can wear this anti-allergenic sunscreen in Japan under my makeup and it doesn’t look greasy or sticky. It also doesn’t leave a residue on my hands.

This product is anti-allergenic, which means it has been allergy tested and undergone testing to make sure it doesn’t sting. However, everybody’s skin is different, so there’s always a chance your skin might react to it.

Overall, I would recommend this anti-allergenic sunscreen in Japan and I think it’s good as a base under makeup, while playing sport, for the kids and while traveling.

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