Beauté Absolue nail salon in Minato-ku joins HealthyTOKYO

We are sorry to say that Beauté Absolue nail salon in Minato-ku is no longer open until further notice.

We welcome Beauté Absolue nail salon in Minato-ku to our network of Healthy Partners. Unlike most other nail salons in Japan, Beauté Absolue offer clients a healthier choice of organic nail polish for manicures and pedicures.

The salon now carries Butter London, a “seven free” polish that is absolutely free from DBP, formaldehyde, camphor, formaldehyde resin, toluene, ethyl tosylamide or xylene. Living an organic and healthy lifestyle is possible to do in style, with the Butter London line of beautiful colors.

This nail salon has a wonderful atmosphere. Customers can relax in the private and calm salon equipped with four private rooms with reclining beds and three rooms with nice window views. The staff is also perfectly happy to let you use an unoccupied room and take a nap to rejuvenate.

The treatment includes polish removal, filing, cuticle care, hand and arm massage in the case of manicures and foot passage for pedicures, and of course Butter London polish application.

When it comes to nails, Beauté Absolue promotes the “simple is best” concept. The nail artists believe that simple is more elegant and more feminine, and that if you’re comfortable with yourself, you don’t need to overdue it with too many little decorations like jewels on your nails. The salon also promotes shorter nails that are healthier and cleaner, and always do their best to keep your nails in a perfect balance of beautiful and healthy.

Beauté Absolue nail salon in Minato-ku Tokyo does not limit themselves to nails. In addition to waxing and facials, eyelash extensions by a licensed specialist are all on the menu.

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