The Best Vegan Falafels in Tokyo at Falafel Brothers

We have found the best vegan falafels in Tokyo at Falafel Brothers! This public service announcement is coming to you courtesy of HealthyTOKYO’s resident vegan!

Daisuke and Toshiaki, long time vegetarians, lamented over how hard it was to find delicious and healthy vegetarian fast food in Tokyo. The two brothers’ vision of a cool Middle Eastern eatery became a reality when they met Amnon Agassy,a well-known Israeli entrepreneur, connoisseur, consultant and veteran restaurateur in Tokyo. Amnon is a pioneer and a major force behind the establishment of the Middle Eastern food scene in Japan. Amnon was just the “Godfather” needed by the brothers. The three partners immediately joined forces with Amnon taking on the role as food designer and producer. The Falafel Brothers friendship with Amnon, coupled with their love of Middle Eastern cuisine culminated in an ‘aha’ moment that led to the February 9, 2017 opening of Falafel Brothers.

This tiny salad bar occupies the corner of a cool back alley in Roppongi. Despite only being open for four months, Falafel Brothers has established themselves as THE place to go for the best vegan falafels in Tokyo. Having probably eaten more than my body weight in falafels and the equivalent of an Olympic swimming pool’s worth of hummus, I can also vouch for Falafel Brothers.

As soon as you come in, you’re hit with a multitude of stimuli. Daisuke’s smiling face, the giant menu on the wall, cool knick-knacks and the sights and smells of freshly made falafel. The hardest thing about going there is deciding what to eat! Even though I’ve been countless times and I’ve tried everything on the menu, there are so many ways you can customize your meal and the menu is constantly changing and evolving.

Falafel Brothers’ signature Full Falafel Sandwich is to die for. The soft and chewy pita bread is stuffed to the brim with crunchy falafels, salad, extra veggie toppings and your choice of sauces. Yes, it’s a messy affair but it’s SOOOO worth it.

That being said, as much as I love pita bread, I have to say the Salad Bowl is my favorite item on Falafel Brothers menu. It’s as big as your face and even if I go there everyday, I never get the same salad bowl twice! Being vegan, a lot of what I eat comprises of carbs, but this salad bowl allows me to get a days worth of vegetables in one meal, with plenty of protein from the falafels and hummus plus, all important healthy fats. Did I mention that it’s totally Instagram worthy?

Burgers are definitely one thing that I miss after going vegan, but at Falafel Brothers – their Fala-Burger with chunky cut fries kills my burger cravings in one mouthful. Although, that may be because the Fala-burger is so big, that it’s impossible to get a mouthful of all the layers in one go. It’s definitely a two-handed burger. Lucky there’s a burger sleeve, otherwise I’d have to go home and change after burger day! Even David, HealthyTOKYO’s burger connoisseur has made the Fala-burger his go to burger order for Meatless Monday.

For something with more of an asian fusion vibe, the Falafel Rice Plate is for you. Imagine all the goodness of the salad bowl but with a side of fragrant rice. The Falafel Rice Plate is healthy whole food at its best, and the perfect marriage between the Middle East and the Far East.

Sometimes food is just better in pizza form and Falafel Brothers pizza is no exception. Just imagine this; your choice of toppings from the salad bar on a light, chewy tortilla, oven roasted to perfection!

Sandwiches are also available, and they’re great for a light, quick lunch. There are two options, the Hummus Sandwich and the Salad Sandwich. The Hummus Sandwich is filled with a liberal dollop of hummus and your choice of three toppings from the salad bar. The Salad Sandwich is just like the Salad Bowl with your choice of kale, lettuce or spinach as a base with three toppings from the salad bar. Like everything else on Falafel Brothers menu, the sandwiches are bursting with healthy, vegan goodness!

The Fa-laffa is not just fun to say but super fun to eat! It’s Middle Eastern food meets Mexican food with the signature falafels enveloped in a tortilla in the style of a wrap sandwich. It’s a great choice if you’re like me and looking to lower your carb intake but can’t give up bread!

Hotdogs are back on the vegan menu with the Fala-Hotdog! The Fala-Hotdog is similar to the Fa-laffa but served in a hotdog bun. Enjoy freshly made, crunchy falafel with salad and hummus in a hotdog bun! Alongside the main menu, there are smaller dishes that you can nibble on if you’re peckish but looking for a healthy snack. The Falafel snack is a set of 6 falafels which is a good source of protein.

The hummus plate is a sizable amount of hummus, pure and unadulterated! If you’re more refined than I am and are not inclined to eat hummus with a spoon then you can grab an order of fresh, chewy pita bread as a vessel for the hummus!

Falafel Brothers fries come with the Fala-Burger but you can also get them separately! These are proper chunky cut wedges, seasoned with a secret Falafel Brothers spice mix, and fried to perfection for fries that are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Not only can you get the best vegan falafels in Tokyo at Falafel Brothers but a wide variety of Middle Eastern goodies! Along with these signature menu items, Falafel Brothers are always adding new specials depending on what’s in season.

These specials are available for a limited time and allow you to change up your meals from the best vegan falafels in Tokyo at Falafel Brothers.

Obviously, you need drinks to go with the best vegan falafels in Tokyo at Falafel Brothers. They have a great selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There are healthy drinks like organic coffee, a variety of herbal teas, Perrier sparkling water and organic juices. There are also imported beers and wines from Israel if you feel like getting a buzz with your meal!

While we’re on drinks, we have great news! Falafel Brothers have just launched a range of freshly blended fruit juices and smoothies! One of their smoothies is a green matcha smoothie featuring HealthyTOKYO Organic Matcha!

Get your superfood fix with a matcha smoothie made with HealthyTOKYO Organic Matcha No. 3 Sprinkle for a really healthy vegan meal! You can also purchase cans of No. 3 Sprinkle with the best vegan falafels in Tokyo at Falafel Brothers too!

You’re no doubt excited that HealthyTOKYO matcha is going to be on NHK Asaichi on July 11! As it turns out, the national TV station will be doing a segment on Falafel Brothers as well. Don’t miss their TV debut on NHK’s Asaichi scheduled for July 3 from 8.15am.

Lastly, if you’re not already dreaming of the best vegan falafels in Tokyo at Falafel Brothers then you will be after you read this! On July 22, Falafel Brothers is having a street party with live music from 11:00am-2.30pm! Party with the three Falafel Brothers, Amnon, Daisuke and Toshiaki!

If your mouth is watering right now then here’s where to find Falafel Brothers! I doubt you need more convincing but if you do, there’s a  pita-load of mouthwatering food porn on Falafel Brothers’ Instagram and Facebook! Your photos might even be featured!

Overall, it’s delicious vegan fare that’s healthy and great value for money! Check out the best vegan falafels in Tokyo at Falafel Brothers and don’t forget to grab a green, matcha smoothie and a can of No. 3 Sprinkle while you’re there!

Falafel Brothers, 5 Chome-1-10 Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0032

Overall, it’s delicious vegan fare that’s healthy and great value for money! Check out the best vegan falafels in Tokyo at Falafel Brothers and don’t forget to grab a green, matcha smoothie and a can of No. 3 Sprinkle while you’re there!

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