Cold pressed juice shops in Tokyo

I had the pleasure of trying out a growing number of organic cold pressed juice shops in Tokyo through introductions from  I started from Roppongi and made my way to Ebisu. I welcomed the loads of healthy vitamin and mineral packed juices as I was starting to catch a cold and these drinks helped me blow away the symptoms.

Cold-pressed Sunshine Juice in Roppongi is a vibrant, colorful shop with a very impressionable logo reminiscent of a 1960’s Peter Max poster. The shop is tucked away in a quiet square just minutes from the Roppongi Station. They are the first cold pressed juice shop in Tokyo (and Japan) and have a great number of juice selections and vegan soups to choose from.  The menu explains the details of  what’s inside and how the various ingredients benefit your body. This is a farm-to-bottle shop, meaning the ingredients are sourced directly from farmers and most are grown organically or pesticide and chemical free. I tried three kinds of juices, all of which were reasonably priced.

The first was “Gnarly Green” made with raw spirulina, organic kale, spinach, mustard spinach, celery, and lemon. This drink is made for detoxification and body purification. A very dark and bold evergreen colored juice that looked quite heavy, but was surprisingly light and easy to drink –  Hints of kale, celery, and a splash of tangy lemon at the finish.

“Bloody Beets” is a beautiful deep purple-pink juice made with loads of vitamin-packed fruits and veggies starting with organic beets, apples, carrots, lemon, kale, Chinese cabbage, spinach, and celery. This juice has a kick of celery at the start, followed by sweetness of carrots and a fresh finish of apple and lemon. Contrary to its looks, the flavors of apples takes main stage alongside earthy dark green aromas. Beets are full of iron and highly recommended for those lacking iron in their daily intake.

“The Roots” is a personal favorite made using carrots, ginger, and apple. A whoosh of spicy ginger tingles your nose as you open the bottle. The juice is carrot-colored orange, but the flavor was an eye opener with carrot and apple sweetness packing a spiciness that reminds you of the holidays. This drink is recommended for those with poor circulation as the ginger warms the body, but I think it’s also great for those who like those distinct holiday spice flavors.
You can get your snack or lunch here with a bottle of nutrient packed juice and a cup of soup to take away if you are in the mood for a healthy alternative to your everyday choices.

Next stop, Trueberry, a warm, wooden interior, cold-pressed juice shop in Hiroo. Quietly located next to a busy street by Hiroo Station, Trueberry takes great pride and care to order organic vegetables only grown in pesticide-free, non-chemical fertilizer environments and is focused on creating the most nutritious juices with seasonal ingredients. They offer many choices of high-quality drinks and raw food menus including hot smoothies made with homemade ama-zake (sweet sake) and a winter limited Special Hot Chocolate to name a few.

I had the pleasure to partake of  three kinds of their seasonal juices labeled Seasonal T, S, and U. Seasonal T is 80% vegetable (Japanese spinach, coriander, kale, spinach, Chinese cabbage, celery) and 20% fruits (apple and lemon). This drink had bold but crisp flavors of leafy greens and a fresh scent of apple and coriander. Since it contains an assortment of spinach and cabbage along with kale, this indeed is a healthy addition to your diet and packs loads of mineral and vitamins, including iron, helping your body stay strong.

Seasonal S is 60% vegetable (dill, Japanese spinach, Chinese cabbage, purple cabbage, celery) and 40% fruits (mandarin orange, apple, lemon). The juice had a sweet smell of mandarin orange and an earthy scent of dill. Texture was similar, but was  sweeter than Seasonal T and much more familiar in flavor due to the higher percentage of fruits being used. Seasonal U is also 60% vegetable (Chinese cabbage, celery, spinach, dill) and 40% fruits (apple, mandarin orange, lemon). The color of this juice was a vibrant lime-green and flavors were similar to Seasonal S, but much more fresh, crisp, and light.

All of Trueberry’s seasonal juices depend on the kind of vegetables and fruits procured on that day, making each days’ drink a bottled healthy mystery. Prices here are a little more expensive than my first stop but knowing the ingredients are top shelf organic produce, it is well worth the small jump in price. They have a  second shop in Nakameguro, so take the opportunity to grab any of their healthy menus where ever you are in Tokyo.

Last stop, Organic Juice Café Marugo Deli Ebisu, a small cozy corner cafe just a few minutes’ walk from Ebisu Station.
I walked into their warmly lit shop decorated with dark wooden furniture, neatly stacked blankets, and a shelf full of organic, natural, and healthy foods for sale.  I was taken by the feel-at-home, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, felling like I had entered a cabin lodge in the middle of Tokyo. I visited Marugo Deli café with a friend and ordered their seasonal persimmon juice and Maqui Berry Banana Mix fresh juice. Prices here were the most reasonable out of the three shops I visited. Their juice is 100% organic, but is actually not cold pressed. They use a blender to make their nutritious concoctions.

The persimmon juice is made purely with unadulterated persimmons. It had a smooth jelly-like consistency distinctive of this fruit with its mild sweetness and the full ripe flavor With the occasional chunks of fruit through the straw and its natural thick consistency, this drink was very filling. Persimmons are a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants and fiber that can help you stay healthy and boost your immune system during these cold days ahead.

The purple-colored Maqui Berry Banana Mix juice had strong flavors of banana with a smooth finish at the end. Maqui berry originating from southern Chili has 4-5 times the amount polyphenol and contains seven times the amount of antioxidants found in Acai. In addition to the nutrient packed minerals and vitamins, this drink is great for keeping your eyes keen and rejuvenating of skin. The Maqui Berry powder is also available for sale in the shop.

Marugo Deli café started as the owner of  Juzu, the hemp clothing shop next door. They wanted to expand the healthy benefits of eating organic hemp. Menu offers include everything from their signature fresh juices and coffee, food, snacks, even organic beer. All the healthy products are available to take-away which makes it clear they want their customers to continue living well even at home.

All of the organic cold-pressed juice and smoothie shops had their own distinct atmosphere with unique menus available only at these locations. Even though the days are getting colder, every single shop had a constant flow of customers which is always a good sign. These customers obviously know the shops are truly authentic and passionate about providing healthy fare for Tokyo residents and visitors alike. Who knew it would be as simple as turning a corner off the streets near the stations I normally pass by to find cold pressed juice shops in Tokyo and stay healthy this season and all year around.