Daabon Organic Japan joins HealthyTOKYO!

Today we can announce that Daabon Organic Japan joins HealthyTOKYO. For all of us in Japan interested in organic food we rarely know about the companies behind the natural and delicious ingredients we consume. We are proud to have this veteran in fair trade, sustainability and traceability in our Network.

It turns out that the organic bananas, coffee, sugar, palm oil and some of the extra virgin olive oil we partake of on a daily basis are coming from a socially-conscious company called Daabon Organics and many of the HealthyTOKYO organic restaurants are using Daabon products for their gastronomic creations. The company has been around for over a hundred years and with a over twenty-two year long focus on organic, sustainable and traceable production, Daabon Organic has earned recognition from several organizations such as JAS Ecocert, Social AccountabilityRSPOBioTropico, the USDA and GMP HACCP.

They are most famous for their delicious bananas and Daabon Organic Japan bring in 260,000 kg every month from Santa Marta which are sold all over Japan through AEONNisseikyo and Radish Boya to name a few of their partners. Santa Marta gets more sunlight hours than other banana plantations, which is reflected in the sweet taste and lovely texture.


They also bring in Organic Trans-fat Free Shortening, made from organic palm fruit oil. GMO-free and vegan friendly, great for making the cake moister or the piecrust flakier. For the coffee drinker there is the Organic 100% Colombian Freeze Dried Coffee sold under Daabon Organics’ Organic Mountain brand. A fragrant mild Arabica from Santa Marta. Daabon Organic Japan also imports JAS Organic-certified extra virgin olive oil from Carpino, Italy. The olive oil is made using soft extraction techniques and has a fruity flavor and herbal aroma.

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