Dr. Kakuko Sports Orthopedist in Tokyo Joins HealthyTOKYO

It is hard to find an English speaking sports orthopedist in Tokyo, Japan. It is even harder to find a sports medicine clinic that takes a holistic approach to treatment, including medical diagnosis and therapy, physiotherapy, Pilates, nutrition counseling stretching and others. We have found one to the benefit of the expat community and visitors to Japan. HealthyTOKYO is delighted to welcome Dr. Kakuko Sports Clinic to the community.

Dr. Kakuko is a highly skilled and experienced orthopedic surgeon and certified sports physician with an astounding career. She has served as the team doctor for the Japanese National Speed Skating Team and as the offshore doctor of the Japan Delegation for the Olympics Committee. In 2014, she opened the Dr. Kakuko Sports Clinc in Daikanyama where she treats professional and amateur athletes, offering her expertise and services to all patients, Japanese and expats alike, who cross the clinic’s threshold.Visitors to this beautiful and well-equipped clinic will first meet with the doctor for an appropriate diagnosis. The clinic accepts National Health Insurance (NHI) and is able to prescribe and dispense pharmaceuticals when drug therapy is in order. After the appropriate therapy is determined, the various staff members take over to work together with the patient. Five physiotherapists, a nutritionist, a bone specialist, a Pilates & Gyrokinesis instructor and acupuncturist are all part of the treatment team.

Dr. Kakuko is also a best selling author with several books including “Otona no Rajio Taiso” series (Radio Exercise Programme for Adults) having sold nearly one million copies. Dr. Kakuko is also regularly featured on a number of TV programs in Japan about health and wellness.

Wether you are looking for an English speaking physiotherapist or sports orthopedist in Tokyo, the team at Dr. Kakuko Sports Clinic in Daikanyama will work with you to improve and maintain your health. The clinic is just a short walk from Daikanyama station.