Froozer – 100% all natural whole fruit frozen bar now available in Japan

Meet Froozer. Three flavors of blended frozen fruit bars you can enjoy guilt-free. Made with 100% whole fruit, freshly harvested and picked at its peak of ripeness. Froozer is never heated, thus maintaining all of the nutrients of fresh fruit.

This unique natural frozen fruit bar is making its way from Oregon to Tokyo via HealthyTOKYO, the exclusive importer and distributor. The folks at National Azabu Supermarket in Hiroo have agreed to be the launching point for Froozer in Japan.

National Azabu has many years of selecting great products to premiere in Japan. Perrier, romaine lettuce, Thompson Grapes and bagels are just a few of the products that first landed at the doors of National Azabu before spreading across the entire country of Japan.

The first batch of Froozer is now available while supplies last. If you don’t live nearby or didn’t manage to buy a box of this limited supply, no worries, it will not be long until Froozer is available in cafes and supermarkets across Japan. You can find out where to get Froozer by contacting HealthyTOKYO at through chat, email or phone. HealthyTOKYO expects to have ample supplies by Summer.

So lets have a closer look at Froozer. There are three Froozer flavors available:

  • Strawbanana Bliss
  • Mango Tango
  • Orchard Cherry Berry


How do they taste, you may ask? Most people tell us it is like eating a frozen fruit smoothie. Natural fruit sweetness and taste. Simple and delicious.

All Froozer bars are made from whole natural fruit, GMO free, dairy free, gluten free, no juice or concentrates, no added sugar, no preservatives and kosher.

What about calories? No matter which flavor you choose, rest assured that you are only taking in between 33 to 38 calories. That’s a lot less than those sugary temptations lining the freezers of your local supermarkets and convenience stores.

Froozer. Great for kids and adults alike. 100% whole frozen fruit goodness.

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