HAL YAMASHITA in Roppongi Joins HealthyTOKYO

Some like to call HAL YAMASHITA a Japanese fusion restaurant in Roppongi. Others refer to it as a nouvelle Japanese. When Chef Yamashita speaks about his cuisine, he simply refers to it as “Hal Yamashita Style”, with its unique use of mostly Kansai-sourced healthy and organic ingredients.   This place has yet to disappoint diners as they relax in a zen-inspired atmosphere while the visually beautiful courses arrive one by one. Each prepared with the utmost care and detail to satisfy all of the senses.

HealthyTOKYO is proud to have HAL YAMASHITA as a new member of the Healthy Partner community.

Each and every ingredient is carefully selected and sourced. All of the water used for cooking and drinking is brought in from Rokko in the Kobe area, the home of Chef Yamashita. His parents also ran a restaurant in Kobe which Yamashita-san credits with sparking his interest in creating his own style of cooking.

Healthy restaurant HAL YAMASHITA TOKYO salad

Their food contains an amazing array of organic vegetables, mostly from Kyoto and other areas of Western Japan. If you are a meat eater, do not miss their signature “Kobe Beef – Uni-Maki”. This is a delectable and unique dish with fresh sea urchin wrapped with Kobe Beef, topped with a small enhancer of special sauce and caviar – sure to satisfy all who partake.

Healthy restaurant HAL YAMASHITA TOKYO kobe beef uni maki

A wine-list for all budgets and tastes is available. His original sake is produced exclusively for HAL YAMASHITA by Shu-Shin-Kan, a 260 year-old brewery in the famous Nada district of Kobe.  A palate pleaser made from all natural ingredients, which result in taste with a slight touch of melon and citrus flavors.

Healthy restaurant HAL YAMASHITA TOKYO sake

Great news for HealthyTOKYO Premium Members as HAL YAMASHITA is providing a complimentary glass of their famous sake with your meal. For those of you who prefer a non-alcohol option, you will receive a complimentary seasonal fresh juice.

HAL YAMASHITA is located in the famous Tokyo Midtown complex in Roppongi.  Reservations are recommended.

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