16 Hay Fever OTC Drugs in Japan

While we often fight colds in the winter, once spring arrives, the battle is on with pollen for those with allergies. March is high season for hay fever in Japan and many of us find ourselves standing in front of rows of medication wondering which drug is the right one for sneezing, a runny nose, congestion, an itchy throat, coughing and itchy eyes.

Hay fever OTC drugs in Japan generally come in oral form, nose sprays and eye drops.

Here is a list of popular hay fever over the counter medications available in Japan.

Oral Allergy Medicine for Sneezing, Runny Nose and Congestion

Alesion 10 “アレジオン10

  • One tablet per day before sleeping
  • Non-drowsy formula
  • Limited dry mouth


Alegra FX “アレグラFX

  • One tablet two times per day
  • Non-drowsy formula
  • Limited dry mouth


Aneton Almedy Bienjyo “アネトンアルメディ鼻炎錠”

  • Three tablets three times per day
  • Medium drowsiness
  • Limited dry mouth
  • Also effective for sore throat


Paburon Bienjyo S “パブロン鼻炎錠S

  • Two tablets three per day
  • May cause drowsiness
  • Also effective for sore throat


Zaditen AL Bien capsule “ザジテンAL鼻炎カプセル

  • One capsule two times per day
  • Non-drowsy formula


Contac 600 Plus “コンタック600プラス

  • Two capsules two times per day
  • May cause drowsiness
  • Also effective for sore throat


Stonarhini S “ストナリニS”

  • One tablet one or two times per day
  • Non-drowsy formula

Sho-seiryuu-to “小青竜湯

  • Traditional Chinese herbal medicine
  • Granule (powder) formula
  • One envelope two times per day
  • Formulated for cough, phlegm relief, sneezing, and runny nose


Eye Drops: Itchy eyes, red-eyes, blurry vision, teary eyes

Zaditen AL eye drops “ザジテンAL点眼液”

  • Maximum strength


Algard Clear Block Z “アルガード クリアブロックZ

  • Maximum strength


Iris AG Guard “アイリスAGガード

  • Mild effect, Cool type

Algard Contact a “アルガード コンタクトα

  • Use while wearing contact lenses
  • Mild effect


EyeFree Kowa AL “アイフリーコーワAL

  • Mild effect
  • No stinging (non-cool type)


Nasal Sprays: Sneezing, Runny Nose, Stuffy Nose

Pabron Tenbi Quick “パブロン点鼻クイック


Contac Bien Spray “コンタック鼻炎スプレー”


Nazal Spray “ナザールスプレー


If you are looking for hay fever OTC drugs in Japan for children, look for the words: “shouni yo” 小児用 on the packaging and the age limitation.

Fluticasone propionate is a nasal spray that is readily available over the counter in the United States.  You may know it by the name ‘Flonase’ and it can be used for allergy relief.  It is also available in Japan, however you need a prescription from your doctor.*

During this high allergy season many people wear surgical-type masks and specially designed glasses to keep the pollen at bay. It is recommended to take steps to limit the amount of pollen inside of your home. Air cleaners  or air purifiers, for this purpose are readily available in your local appliance store. Consider drying your clothes indoors rather than hanging them outside. It is also important that you dust off your clothing before entering your home to lessen the amount of pollen you end up bringing inside.

We all want to enjoy the cherry blossoms and numerous activities to enjoy during the spring. Don’t let allergies keep you locked indoors. Get to the nearest drugstore and find the right hay fever OTC drugs in Japan to help you through the season.  For other tips on surviving hay fever season, check out this article!