Where to Buy Natural, Additive-free & Healthy Frozen Pizza in Japan

Frozen food is undoubtedly convenient, and pizza is definitely one of the most delicious foods on the planet.  Of course, home made pizza is guaranteed to be healthier, but sometimes life gets in the way and all you want to do when you come home from work is have a ready-made pizza on hand.  Perhaps that’s why many people wonder where to buy frozen pizza in Japan.  It’s a common misconception that frozen foods are unhealthy, but what if I told you that there are in fact options for natural, healthy additive-free frozen food and frozen pizza in Japan?

How about a little “pizza” history

Frozen pizza seems to be one of those things that has been around forever, but it is a relatively new concept.  Frozen foods themselves were made possible by Clarence Birdseye in 1929.  Birdseye introduced ‘flash freezing’ which prevented the formation of ice crystals while maintaining taste, nutritional value and texture of frozen foods.  But where and when did frozen pizza come into existence?  There seems to be conflicting information regarding who invented the first frozen pizza in the United States, however, what does seem to be agreed upon is that frozen pizza hit the freezer section of supermarkets in the 1950s.  Both Celentano and Totino claimed to have been behind the creation that we now know today as frozen pizza.

Are there healthier options for frozen pizza in Japan?

Like the rest of the world, there are many places to buy frozen pizza in Japan, however they may not be the healthiest options.  Ideally, frozen pizza should contain very basic ingredients in the crust such as flour, salt and yeast, plus the toppings.  Luckily, Sugarlady is a leader in the way of natural food production in Japan.  Sugarlady products do not contain any artificial additives in their products, including colors, flavors, and MSG.  Japan actually allows for close to 450 additives in foods, many of which are best to avoid if you care about your health.  If you love pizza and eat it often then Sugarlady frozen pizza is a natural alternative that is easy to prepare and readily available.

The range of Sugarlady Additive-Free Frozen Pizzas

There are three types of frozen pizza available from Sugarlady:

  1. Margherita Pizza – the original and the best!

Perfect pizza Margherita-A

Made in Japan

*Allergen warning: may contain egg, milk, wheat

This product ships frozen

Size: 21cm

Ingredients – wheat flour, salt, yeast, Mozzarella cheese, Gran Padano cheese, tomato sauce, olive oil, basil.

frozen pizza in Japan
  1. 3 Cheese Pizza – for the cheese lovers out there!
Three-cheese pizza-A

Made in Japan

*Allergen warning: may contain milk, wheat and chicken extract

This product ships frozen

Size: 19cm

Ingredients – natural cheese, wheat flour, cream, onion, rapeseed oil, whole powdered milk, butter, sugar, chicken extract, cornstarch, salt, skim milk powder, yeast extract, spices.

frozen pizza in Japan
  1. Mini Pizzas – snack size!
Petit pizzas-B

Made in Japan

*Allergy warning: may contain milk and wheat

This product ships frozen

Size: 4 x 10cm

Ingredients – wheat flour, rapeseed oil, yeast, salt, sugar, natural cheese, tomato sauce, sweet corn, red peppers, green peppers

frozen pizza in Japan

All the Sugarlady frozen pizzas you can buy are available on Sugarlady’s online store along with a wide range of other frozen and prepared foods.  If you’re in the mood for healthier fast food then check out Sugarlady’s frozen French fries, spring rolls, dumplings, burgers, and Takoyaki!  All these products are natural and free from additives!  Happy snacking!

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