Jay Ponazecki -“I wish I had access to the HealthyTOKYO network years ago”

Note from the Editor: We recently received this testimonial from Jay Ponazecki, a long-term resident of Tokyo, lawyer and well known local business leader and thought it would be nice to publish it for all to see.  Thank you Jay!

It can be very stressful when one has personal health or well-being issues while living or traveling in another country, particularly when one cannot speak the local language. Even if one speaks Japanese at work and in daily life, it can be challenging having to discuss medical issues, one’s body or specific well-being goals in Japanese. HealthyTOKYO provides peace of mind for English speakers in Japan and alleviates the stress associated with finding English speaking health and wellness practitioners in Japan. I wish I had access to this network several years ago when I needed an x-ray to determine whether I had broken my foot and when I wanted to consult with a physical therapist. Many people put off getting important health checks or starting key wellness regimes while living overseas because they don’t know where to go.  HealthyTOKYO will help English speakers in Japan tend to their health and well-being sooner without waiting for their next trip back to their home country.

Jay Ponazecki

Long-Term Tokyo Resident
Local Business Leader

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