Marugo Deli Organic Juice Shop in Tokyo joins HealthyTOKYO

Are you on the lookout for organic juice in Tokyo? Marugo Deli organic juice shop in Tokyo joins HealthyTOKYO. The cafe in Ebisu is the latest organic, vegan and natural food Healthy Partner.

Marugo Deli (look for a sign with a circle and a “5” inside) is located in a well- positioned corner shop that is a daily stopover for many in the neighborhood and a weekend treat for those strolling leisurely in the Ebisu and Daikanyama area.

The interior is earthy and has been thoughtfully created by the owners of this urban oasis. It is one of those places where the staff is smiling as they work and the customers are smiling right back as they sip their organic juices and munch on vegetarian sweets, salads and sandwiches.

Fresh organic juice is their specialty with an extensive menu of fruit-based, veggie-based and mixed concoctions that dazzle the taste buds without irritating the wallet.

Organic coffee, beer and wholesome vegetarian foods are also in great supply – and demand! They also have an in-store shop, where you can purchase many of the ingredients they use in their delicious repertoire. Fresh ground organic peanut butter is one of their latest additions. Hemp seeds, powder and oil are readily available. Speaking of hemp, it is no coincidence that the hemp clothing shop next-door is as inviting as Marugo Deli. Juzu is owned and operated by the husband of Marugo’s owner.

If you don’t have time to stop by right away for the relaxing and delicious experience at Marugo Deli, you can visit their organic foods online shop for a selection of some of the great stuff they offer in their shop.

Marugo Deli is a short walk from Ebisu station and can also be easily reached via Daikanyama. For a detailed map check out their Healthy Partner Page.