Matcha Baileys Shot – The Perfect Winter Pick-Me-Up Cocktail

As we launch straight into February, the weather seems to be cooling down further, even though the end of winter is in sight. Luckily, the days are usually sunny and dry enough to be enjoyable. However, the nights are frosty and almost always accompanied by an icy wind that will chill your breath, as it catches in your throat. I have fond memories of sipping Baileys Irish Cream in front of a roaring fire on cold nights, so that is why I decided to pair this decadent, creamy liqueur with HealthyTOKYO Organic Matcha Classic for a warming, winter pick me up.

Originally from Dublin in Ireland, Baileys Original Irish Cream has quite a distinct flavor. At first, I was afraid it would be difficult to incorporate with matcha as there was a risk the flavors could clash. However, if you’ve never tried Baileys Irish Cream, then I believe this is the perfect introduction to this unique liqueur. The rich flavor of the Baileys Irish Cream and the refreshing matcha are both soothing and complementary. This winter cocktail is the perfect marriage of ‘East’ and ‘West’ and is a ‘matcha made in heaven’.

Yield: Two 3 oz cocktails


5 oz warm milk
1 teaspoon HealthyTOKYO Organic Matcha Classic mixed with 1 ½ oz warm water
1 oz Baileys Irish Cream
(Optional) Honey to sweeten


  1. Mix the matcha and warm water
  2. Stir until foamy
  3. Add the Baileys Irish Cream to the matcha and water mixture
  4. Pour into two glasses
  5. Warm the milk and froth it (either with an electric foamer or by hand)
  6. Pour the frothed milk and water mixture over the blended Matcha and Baileys
  7. Enjoy

I hope you find this Matcha Baileys Shot a nice winter warmer. Please share it with your friends and family (that are of legal drinking age).

If you ever try out this recipe, the team at HealthyTOKYO and I would love to hear about it! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and show us your Matcha Baileys Shot creations!  Hashtag #HealthyTOKYO and #HealthyTOKYOMatcha to join in on the discussion.

Lastly, please keep in mind those around you and remember to always play it safe. Please be responsible and do not drink and drive.

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