Natural & Healthy Restaurant in Okinawa – Sara

Located about 30 kilometers from Naha in Onnason  is Sara, a natural & healthy restaurant in Okinawa. The food here is absolute art. Some call it fusion. Others liken it to a musical composition as the medley of courses entices the senses. Made with fresh island ingredients and customized for the lucky diners who call in advance for the reasonably priced Chefs’ special lunch or dinner courses. 

This is a family affair starting with the Head Chef, Akiyuki Nasu with more than forty years of experience with Italian, French and Japanese cuisine. His upbringing in Kyushu combined with his training and extensive culinary studies in Europe have yielded a fresh style of fusion food that will delight all who pass through his kitchen.

His son, Takeho Nasu also an experienced and well-traveled chef, recognized that his father’s creative legacy was worthy of carrying forward to future generations. He made the decision to move to Okinawa to learn from his dad and further evolve his repertoire of delicious dishes.

Ryoko Nasu, manages Sara and is also married with the Head Chef.   She is from Osaka and brings the warm and friendly hospitality one often experiences in the Kansai region. The restaurant is located on a hill  with ocean and sunset views. This is a popular place so it is best to make a reservation as far in advance as possible.

The food is fresh, natural, colorful and palate pleasing. They specialize in customized courses. Call in advance to let them know your food preferences and they will do the rest. Lunch courses start at 4,000 yen and dinner at 6,000 yen. If you are a vegetarian you are also in luck, as they will accommodate with their usual passion and skill. Sara does have a few set items for lunch like mango curry, salads and a few other delicious café-style menu  delights (from 1,200 yen) if you stop by without a reservation and a table happens to be available.

This is an intimate restaurant with an open kitchen, Teppan grill and a friendly and talented group of people. If you are in the Onnason area do not miss Sara – a natural & healthy fusion restaurant in Okinawa.

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