Natural Nut Butters in Tokyo – Sampling Event at National Azabu Supermarket

Nut Butters at National Azabu Supermarket

Last Friday we had the pleasure to meet with fans of natural nut butters in Tokyo at National Azabu Supermarket, where we were sampling two of our new HealthyTOKYO products: Pistachio and Almond Butters. Made of 100% nuts from America, roasted and ground in Kobe, these two little creamy wonders have met incredible popularity since their launch in February.

We wanted to let you discover the bliss of our Nut Butters and sweeten your day through a convivial sampling event. As you may already be aware, HealthyTOKYO offers an Almond Butter and a Pistachio Butter that embody a genuine taste which you could hardly find in any other product. The finest nuts are sent directly from sunny California to Kobe where they are carefully roasted and finely ground into smooth, butter-like pastes. The soft, velvet-like texture of our butters is obtained through unique techniques to preserve the original umami and nutrients of the almonds and pistachios. The roasting and grinding technique make both of our butters special. The Almond Butter is said to be richer in taste than others on the market. Our Pistachio Butter is a rare product and the first to hit the shelves in Japan. You won’t find anything similar to it in terms of flavor, texture, or quality

Our stand of was fully set up by 11AM at the entrance of the supermarket, just in time for the first wave of customers arriving to grocery shop. The HealthyTOKYO shelf, which you can always find near the jam and honey section at National Azabu Supermaket, had been put at the entrance for this special day to showcase the variety of products that we always have ready for you. On a small table, our assistants made sure trays with bites of rusks to savor our Almond and Pistachio Butter were always prepared. Pamphlets with our products and the best ideas for recipes involving the Nut Butters were also at hand.

It was a true joy seeing so many of you stop by to taste our 100% natural nut butters in Tokyo despite the rain and the rush of the daily grind. Our assistants at the sampling event were more than happy to chat with you, answer your questions, and receive your feedback. Everyone exclaimed, “Delicious!” when tasting the samples accompanied by wide eyes brimming with surprise. Both the timid requests for another bite and the curious, attentive inquiries put smiles on our faces. We can assure you that the positive words are truly motivating us to bring even more unique, high quality HealthyTOKYO products to your shelves.

From the morning until the late afternoon we talked with affectionate customers of all ages who were so interested in the new HealthyTOKYO world that the time seemed to fly by. We wish to thank all of you who stopped by and for your time and interest. You are the reason why our Nut Butters Sampling Event was a great success.

We look forward to meeting you again at the next event, Plant Based Expo, on July 20th in Shinjuku. Stay tuned for more information about Plant Based Expo!