New Organic Vegan Ice Cream Shop in Tokyo

Taking a brief stroll through the colorful district of Harajuku from the Takeshita exit of Meiji-jingumae Station will soon bring you to a newly opened organic vegan ice cream shop in Tokyo called BROWN SUGAR 1ST. Serving delectable all-natural goodies in a cozy and fashionably decorated space, BROWN SUGAR 1ST. is changing the game when it comes to organic food. Whether you have a soy or egg allergy that previously prevented you from indulging in your favorite treats or you’re simply longing to try something new, BROWN SUGAR 1ST. wants to provide a delicious and fun-filled experience for you and the whole family.

Having started by selling homemade sweets at a local farmer’s market, BROWN SUGAR 1ST. is now serving one of the most popular districts in Tokyo with offerings that include vegan, soy free and organic ice creams and cream sodas. The ice creams are based on coconut milk, which is made by centrifuging the meat of coconuts that owner Midori-san has sourced herself from farms in Thailand and the Philippines. Unlike other vegan ice creams, which have the pungent smell and flavor of soy or nuts, BROWN SUGAR 1ST.’s offerings have a sweet coconut taste. Offered in an array of six different flavors, from mint chocolate to lemon to rum raisin, the organic vegan ice cream shop in Tokyo has a treat that will rouse and delight your senses.

brown sugar 1st organic cream soda tokyo

Midori-san has been committed to the production of high quality and tasty treats since her early days making homemade goods to sell at a local farmer’s market.  Today, she and her staff work tirelessly to   handcraft and extensively test every single BROWN SUGAR 1ST. product in their rustic in-house kitchen. You can rest assured that you and your children are indulging in healthy sweets made with only the best ingredients.

Everyone wants a little taste of happiness. With no added artificial flavoring or sweeteners, and all natural ingredients, the organic vegan ice cream shop in Tokyo – BROWN SUGAR 1ST. – can give you that taste with no guilt on your part.

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