Night Yoga in Tokyo at Jingu Stadium


The third event of Night Yoga in Tokyo at Jingu Stadium, held last year, became the biggest Yoga event in Japan with over 13,000 participants. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is soon upon us, so this year’s event will further revitalize Tokyo through Yoga. HealthyTOKYO is looking forward to the first Jingu Stadium Night Yoga event of 2019! The doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. The hour long opening yoga session will be conducted by Noto Nakamura! Dedicated bilingual yoga instructors will also be there to facilitate.

If there are any changes to the night yoga in Tokyo schedule, Active Icon will publish a notice on their site and SNS by 4pm JST. Cancellations past 4pm may occur do to outstanding circumstances or sudden changes in weather. If the coast is clear don’t forget to bring your yoga mat!


Night Yoga in Tokyo is a series of 7 events held by Active Icon and conducted at Meiji Jingu Stadium this summer. These large scale yoga classes will be held after dark in a serene environment and designed to promote calm. Each night, there will be a special Japanese guest yoga instructor. Participation is completely free and you don’t need to RSVP beforehand. Attendance is taken on the day as you enter the stadium. The main yoga instruction will be conducted in Japanese, however, as it is such a wide space many bilingual yoga instructors will be there to give you the best possible experience!


Location: Meiji Jingu Stadium ballfield

Reception area: Meiji Jingu Stadium Entrance 13

Time: 19:30-20:30. The doors will open at 19:00.

Participation fee: Free of charge

Qualifications: 18 or over, in good health. Participants will be asked to sign a release form at reception on the day of the event.

What to bring: A yoga mat or plastic sheet, bath towel, etc.

Availability: Reception may close if all places have been filled.


・ No entry will be permitted for any purposes other than yoga (observation, etc.).
・ Entry is not permitted to those under 18.
・ If you are wearing high heels or other shoes which may damage the artificial turf, please take them off at the entrance.
・ As there is no changing room available, please come in comfortable clothes.
・ No eating or drinking is permitted (only water may be drunk on the ballfield).
・ Instructors and event times may change.
・ The event will be canceled in case of rain or inclement weather (see the website for notifications).

About Active Icon

Active Icon is on a mission to help bring calm and relaxation to Jingu Stadium. These 7 yoga events will have a positive follow on effect to the rest of Tokyo, and perhaps even Japan. Active Icon hopes to promote the importance of an active lifestyle and information sharing through night yoga in Tokyo.


Meiji Jingu Stadium
3-1 Kasumigaokamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyō-to 160-0013