Organic Food in Japan – Order from online stores in English

Those of us who live in Japan are blessed with an abundance of fresh vegetables, fruits, fishes and meats. When looking for natural or organic food in Japan, several of HealthyTOKYO’s Healthy Partners are at your service. Here is a rundown of these great providers of healthy fare. You can easily get a hold of an abundance of organic food in Japan, online and in English at the HealthyTOKYO shop. Here you will also find vegan, vegetarian and other natural organic food from Japan and overseas.

The Healthy Partner with the longest-standing organic business in Japan is Tengu Natural Foods. They provide a lot of the stuff you may need for cooking, what they call “kitchen fundamentals”, and everything from nut butters, natural sweeteners, herbal remedies and supplements. Alishan runs this place from their amazing riverside café & shop in Saitama and they tend to provide very generous offers online only for HealthyTOKYO members.

Tengu natural foods - organic food on-line in Japan

CHOOSEE is another great organic provider and Healthy Partner. They have worked hard to create a line-up of organic products from the leading companies in their fields around the world. A lot of great name-brand organic, fair-trade and natural products from teas to granola. Jams, honey, olives and a many more truly remarkable items. You can order at CHOOSEE online store in English or Japanese. CHOOSEE provides unique offers to Healthy Tokyo members as well, so be sure to check out their Partner Page before purchasing.

If you are looking for organic coffee, organic transfat free shortening, or organic olive oil, Daabon has them all. Daabon is a global organization with the following mission:

 “To grow, transform and commercialize high quality organic and sustainable products, while ensuring our people’s wellbeing, the protection of the environment and the fulfillment of our Corporate Social Responsibility.”

The company specializes in four product areas 1) Organic fresh produce – bananas, 2) Organic edible vegetable oils, 3) Organic coffee and 4) Organic sugars & cosmetic ingredients.

Daabon’s bananas and other organics are available in shops in Japan. We are also very fortunate to have direct access to some of Daabon’s products in Japan online through their local organization. Special offers for HealthyTOKYO Premium Members? Of course! Contact the Healthy Concierge to get a unique 10% coupon code and order organic trans-fat free palm oil shortening, coffee and olive oil through their amazon store today.

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