Organic Junk Food hits Tokyo

Organic junk food hits Tokyo! HealthyTOKYO had the pleasure of recently attending the pre-opening of one of our new Healthy Partners –  the fashionable sweet shop BROWN SUGAR 1ST. in Harajuku. We were warmly ushered in by staff holding bright pink balloons emblazoned with the BROWN SUGAR 1ST. logo. Prior to being seated, we were given the choice of one of a variety of BROWN SUGAR 1ST.’s very own soda flavors, ranging from vibrant raspberry to crisp and refreshing apple cider vinegar. What’s more is that we were generously presented with gift bags containing an assortment of their products, including their acclaimed applesauce and popcorn.

Owner and president Midori-san came forward to deliver a heartfelt address about the inspiration for the shop. As a mother of two concerned for the health and well being of her children, the number of artificial additives in products sold in stores increasingly alarmed her. She began making her own handmade sweets with quality local ingredients for the delight and safety of her children, and eventually came to realize that this was something that many other families were looking for.

And so the concept for BROWN SUGAR 1ST. came to fruition – Tokyo x Junk x Organic. They aim to make great treats that are as easily accessible and fun as junk food, but good for you. Their shop sells organic ice creams and cream sodas that are also vegan, soy free, gluten free, and have no artificial additives whatsoever. Not only are these sweets healthy and delicious, but they are also available at affordable prices because BROWN SUGAR 1ST. imports the raw ingredients.

After the presentation, we were invited for a complimentary sample of ice cream. Unlike soy or nut-based vegan ice creams, their coconut milk-based selections do not have a pungent smell or taste. Their flavors are unique and distinctive, punctuated with a creamy coconut aftertaste. We sampled the luscious chocolate nuts flavor, a fruity and sweet rum and California raisin, and tangy mint chocolate. Given the rich taste of each flavor, it is clear that they are sincere about sourcing top quality, fresh ingredients.

As a leader in the organic food scene, BROWN SUGAR 1ST. plans to expand across Japan and eventually worldwide. In fact, Midori-san proudly announced their goal of opening 50 shops in the coming three years. So if you’ve got a sweet tooth but are concerned about artificial products, you won’t have to worry long. With their innovative recipes and dedication to healthy products that everyone can enjoy, chances are that BROWN SUGAR 1ST. is coming soon to a location near you.

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