Organic Vegetables in Tokyo – Grow Your Own Hydroponics

Organic Veggies in Tokyo – Grow Your Own Hydroponics

Have you ever wanted to grow your own organic vegetables in Tokyo?   During some customer visits around the Hamamatsucho area we came across a corner shop  with bright lights and row after row of hydroponic vegetables and herbs growing neatly on black shelving visible from the outside.

The place is called Tanabatake SukuSuku (たなばたけ すくすく) and is the brainchild of Kajima Tatemono Sogokanri Co, Ltd., a developer and manager of buildings.  It turns out that they have taken a bit of pocket money and created an incubation business with this shop in Hamamatsucho their pilot for the project.

We couldn’t resist stopping for a few minutes to find out what it is all about.

The system is simple – each growing tray (33x56x12.5 cm) is rented out to any green thumb at the monthly rate of ¥1,500.  There are a couple of incidental costs for seeds and the tray itself. The guys at the shop provide you with your choice of seeds or you can bring your own.  We saw basil, a special mini tomato, rucola, cilantro and more.  All plants are growing beautifully with what look to be optimal conditions.

Growing times range from about 30 days (for leafy veggies) to 40 days (for herbs).

Why not stop by to see some beautiful veggies growing prominently in the middle of  the city? Ask for Mr. Kazuki Takahashi, the leader of the Creative Department (Japanese language only).    

Address: 2-chōme-18 Ryōgoku, 墨田区 東京都 130-0026

2-chōme-18 Ryōgoku, 墨田区 東京都 130-0026

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