Purelady Face Powder in Japan

Purelady face powder is high quality translucent finishing powder that is free from additives. Translucent face powder is a must have for every make-up bag. This loose, colorless powder is light and airy. It can be used as a make-up base, setting powder and a finishing powder so your make up will stay in place all day. Purelady translucent powder also has mattifying qualities so your skin will look effortless for hours.

Why use Purelady face powder?

What sets Purelady face powder apart from other brands is that it is free from harmful additives. The entire Purelady line, including the Purelady translucent powder does not contain:

  • Petroleum derived surfactants
  • Artificial scents
  • Additives from the List of Designated Additives*

The skin is the body’s largest organ and absorbs everything it comes in contact with. If you’re using products that contain chemicals and additives, it will seep into your system and can have numerous adverse follow-on effects.

How to use Purelady face powder

Purelady face powder is a loose translucent powder, that can be applied on top of foundation, concealer, BB cream or CC cream. The finer particles work with your make up to provide silky, smooth coverage while also preventing streaking and the appearance of fine-lines and wrinkles. You can also use Purelady Translucent powder under eyeliner and lipstick for longer staying power. The iridescent quality of the powder will perfect your look without suffocating your skin.

The matte effect of Purelady Translucent powder can also be used to touch up your hair between washes. The velour powder puff allows for easy and flawless application anytime and anywhere. It’s always important to maintain clean and well cared for cosmetic implements to prevent breakouts. The compact size makes it perfect to keep in your purse for touch ups during the day.

My verdict

My beauty and make-up routine are quite minimal and I try to simplify my routine as much as possible. I used to swear by tinted pressed powder for that little bit of extra coverage but since I switched to Purelady face powder, I like the lighter more natural look. I use Purelady face powder on top of the Purelady CC cream and it gives me a glow without looking fake or caked on. It feels like I’m not wearing make up at all.

purelady face powder

My skin tone fluctuates during the year depending on the season, and the translucent quality of Purelady face powder matches flawlessly and highlights my natural complexion. My skin type can vary between combination and oily but I find the Purelady face powder keeps my skin looking matte and dewy. The additive-free formulation also doesn’t irritate my skin, nor does it dry it out.

Purelady face powder contains natural, skin-loving ingredients such as silk extract, hibiscus extract, grape seed oil and macadamia seed oil among many others. This translucent, loose powder is made from domestically derived ingredients and made in Japan.

The skin on your face is always exposed to the elements and other harsh manmade pollutants that can irritate your skin. Purelady face powder provides even coverage without clogging your pores. As its a translucent powder it will suit most skin types and skin tones. Try it with the Purelady CC cream or foundation for that effortlessly flawless look.

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