Receiving fertility treatment in Japan

Receiving fertility treatment in Japan can be a daunting experience. Many of my patients tell me stories of discern and discomfort concerning invasive treatment and testing methods. For many foreigners, the frustrations that come from fertility treatment and restricted discussions times with the doctors and hospital staff is compounded by the sometimes insurmountable barrier of language. To overcome this many clinics have full time interpretations services on hand. But this doesn’t seem to help to fill the gap left from shortened interview times and aloof hospital staff. So how can a foreign patient overcome this lost in translation moment? Many opt to just accept it. To roll with it. A select few elect to be proactive and arm themselves with knowledge about treatment protocol in English and in Japanese. Since I am not a certified doctor I have elected to not write out the detailed steps and protocols of western fertility treatments. My experience lies in eastern medicine. A whole body approach that believes that only a healthy human body has the option of producing a new life. But that begs the question: is your conscious mind part of your healthy body? And if it is, is the psychological pressure of western fertility treatments actually preventing some patients from getting pregnant? I believe that it might. So on this note I have decided that for my next few blogs I will be writing about different ways to relax the mind and calm the spirit. I will also end each post with a mini Japanese lesson concerning fertility treatment. So stay tuned and as always I appreciate your feedback. This weeks mini English/Japanese lesson is about the basic charting involved in fertility treatment. In my next post I will go into the particulars of how to use this information to understand more about your fertility cycle and treatment.   Basal temperature 基礎体温 きそたいおん kiso taion Cervical mucus 子宮頸管粘液 しきゅうけいかんねんえき Shikyu keikan neneki Ovulation 排卵 はいらん Hairan   Until next time!   Courtesy of: Acupuncturist Heather Maya Suzuki Acura Acupuncture