Relax at the Hallii’ Kai and Fairmont Orchid Spa

Hallii’ Kai and Fairmont Orchid Spa – Hawaii relaxation on the Big Island

Aloha from Hawaii!

We own two vacation homes on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island, one in the small Golf Villas Subdivision, nestled off the beaten track surrounded by golf course with a private workout facility and salt-water hot tub.  The other is in the Halii’ Kai subdivision and is also small, private, gated and has its workout facility right on the ocean next to the infinity pool and the one-site restaurant and bar.

We chose to buy these two properties on the island of Hawaii, as this island is the most tranquil of the Hawaiian Islands, having fewer tourists and industry making for a more relaxing and regenerative vacation spot.  The Kohala Coast resort area is on the leeward side of the island nestled between two volcanoes, Kohala and Hualalai. This coast enjoys the best weather, where rain is rare and sunshine and warm balmy evenings are perfect for spending time outdoors.  The ocean water is warm year-round and known by the local people to boost your immune system and help mend the body of anything from stress, to the common cold.

We highly recommend finding your favorite spa to enjoy a relaxing massage. The spa at the Fairmont Orchid is our favorite  and is a great way to wind down a day of fun on the water.

After any length of stay you will find yourself returning home with a renewed sense of self, more energetic and ready to tackle the tasks in front of you whether it be school, family or work. We hope you enjoy our vacation homes as much as we do and we encourage you to explore and discover new activities and new adventures and report back to us with the news.


Roy and Romona

Condo Owners – Hawaii Luxury Real Estate

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