SAMBAZON ACAI CAFE – New Vegetarian Restaurant in Tokyo

I am sad to announce that Sambazon Acai Cafe has permanently closed down, and is no longer offering their services. However, have a vast range of other vegetarian cafes and restaurants we would be happy to introduce to you.

Island Veggie, the vastly popular Vegetarian Restaurant in Tokyo has renewed their menu and name. Located in the heart of Hiroo, on a serene side street we like to call Organic Alley, is Sambazon Acai Cafe, ready to welcome anyone looking for a delicious vegetarian meals, healthy acai bowls and refreshing smoothies. The shop re-opened with a new name and a new menu line-up on April 4, 2016.

Sambazon is the number one US brand of Acai, the super fruit from the Amazon. The cafe offers high quality Acai-based bowls, smoothies and other authentic California recipes as well as a wide variety of vegetarian delicacies.

Here are some examples of the delicious and nutritious Acai bowls being prepared at the vegetarian restaurant in Tokyo:

The Rio Bowl
Original Acai, soy milk, apple juice, granola, banana, lime juice and honey

Sambazon Berry Bowl
Original Acai, soy milk, apple juice, granola, banana, lime juice, strawberry and honey

Matcha Bowl
This wonderful healthy concoction is only available in Japan.
Original Acai, soy milk, apple juice, matcha sauce, granola, lime juice, banana, strawberry, blueberry

Coconut Mango Bowl
Original Acai, soy milk, apple juice, lime juice, granola, banana, mango, coconut milk and honey

Vegetarian Sambazon Acai Cafe in Hiroo bowls

The superfood offerings go beyond Acai. The shop also has a veggie deli with a line up of  fresh organic vegetarian dishes colorfully placed on the shelves of the deli case and awaiting the hungry.

Vegan dishes abound. This is a great place for a nutritious and healthy breakfast. Choose from a variety of fruits, homemade yogurt, vegan ham, muffins and morning sets.

Don’t miss Sambazon Acai Cafe, a wonderful vegetarian restaurant in Tokyo.

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