The Best Way to Shop Healthy Foods and Products Online in Japan

If you’re struggling to find and shop healthy foods and products online in Japan, then I have some good news for you! The team at HealthyTOKYO has been working around the clock to bring you the best shopping experience ever.  We have just launched the new and improved version of our new online store this week!  Since the initial launch of our online store last year, HealthyTOKYO has sought out healthy, unique, hard to find, and ethically sound products for all you need to stay healthy in Japan.  With our ear to the community and an unbridled mission to bring you the greatest,  the HealthyTOKYO team of health nuts has expanded our product line to include more than one thousand products!As someone who is dedicated to living healthy, more times than I’d care to list, I have struggled to shop healthy foods and products online in Japan, from home and just in general.  I know that if I have experienced this, then others are encountering the same roadblocks to a living a healthy lifestyle.  With the launch of our new online store, HealthyTOKYO has streamlined the process to shop healthy foods and products online in Japan in English.  HealthyTOKYO maintains strong relationships with all our healthy partners so we deliver to your door the latest product offerings from Japan and around the world at reasonable prices. One notable, addition to our vendor line-up is Sugarlady, they are the leading purveyor of natural and additive free foods and products in Japan.  Sugarlady are committed to bringing you foods that do not contain any of the 449 additives allowed in food that has been manufactured in Japan.  Over 500 of their healthy products, which include produce, meats and seafood, dairy, eggs, condiments and seasonings, prepared meals, desserts and many others are now available for purchase on the HealthyTOKYO shop! So what’s new on version 2.0 of the HealthyTOKYO Shop?
  • More advanced usability
  • New offers section
  • New points section
  • New categorization system
  • New departments
  • Better navigation system
  • New filter system
  • Caters better to different dietary or lifestyle preferences
  • Three new vendors (Sugarlady, ME Superfood, Classic Organics)
  • Over 500 new products
  • New line of healthy frozen foods from Sugarlady, Japan’s leader in the field
  • New produce department
  • New international department
  • New beauty department
  • New personal care department
  • New household department
  • New gift & sets department
  • New medical procedures department
  • New line of Moringa supplements and teas
  • New line of healthy prepared foods
  • New line of organic energy bars handmade in Japan
If you thought that’s all you needed to shop healthy foods and products online in Japan, then you haven’t seen anything yet! Our bright, innovative, and cosmopolitan team are full of fresh new ideas to provide you with all you need to stay healthy in Japan and we are just getting started! Check out our newly launched shop with a more user friendly interface here! If you have any ideas on how we can further improve our shopping experience or if you’d have any suggestions for new products to shop healthy foods and products online in Japan then we’re all ears! We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing all your feedback, questions, notes and comments. In the mean time, happy shopping!
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