Time to get soba noodles in Japan – health benefits

Health benefits of soba noodles

Ah, the wonderful taste and health benefits of soba noodles in Japan. During my busy day visiting with HealthyTOKYO.com customers – with so little time for lunch – I came across a fast-food soba shop that was surprisingly delicious. I have had the pleasure to taste some of the most famous noodles across the country, but I was pleasantly surprised by this inexpensive savory bowl of noodles at all of 280 yen.

How healthy is this stuff ? – I wondered as I slurped through this simple delicacy. Some quick research reveals some of the hidden healthy benefits of this traditional Japanese fare.

Here is a rundown of some of the good stuff that soba – a buckwheat noodle – promises:

1) Buckwheat has more protein than any other grain except for oats.

2) Lower calories compared with pasta and other wheat-based noodles. There are bout 113 calories per serving, which is nearly 50% less than for white-flour noodles and 35% less than whole-wheat noodles.

3) “Better” carbohydrates: with slower glucose release than wheat noodles as described in this study, although some of the scientific community believe whole-wheat may be better in this area.

4) Lots of Manganese, which helps with metabolism and energy.

5) Tastes great!

Of course it all depends on what your food preferences are and how you choose to stay healthy, but soba is certainly a decent eat for those of you who are ok with some noodles every once in a while.