A Stress-Free Work Environment for People On the Go

How to keep stress levels low during working hours is ever elusive, and relaxation can’t always come in the form of a hot stone massage or a trip to a hot spring.

To achieve a stress-free work environment, most experts will recommend creating a workspace free of clutter and noise. For people on the go, controlling the surroundings is not always possible. When stopping by a coffee shop to shoot off a couple of emails, the influence over your workspace is limited to moving around the cup on the table and blocking out noise with earphones.

Well the folks at Regus are doing their part to offer some solutions to this dilemma. Our favorite offering from Regus is the Businessworld Program. We call the stress-free work environment a “business oasis”.

Regus Business lounge Stress-Free Work Environment

They have several options. For a small monthly fee (starting at ¥2,500 at time of writing), cardholders can access Regus Centers’ business lounges throughout Tokyo, Japan or worldwide. The lounges are similar to those found in airports and offer Wi-Fi, hot and cold beverages and a place to sit quietly to get work done. If you are lucky, you can commandeer one of their “thinkpods” which are small booths with a desk and a place to plug-in.

The HealthyTOKYO Team is a heavy user of the Businessword service. We often visit Regus Centers in-between meetings with doctors, dentists and other providers of health and wellness throughout Tokyo. The fact that the lounges are located in so many convenient places throughout the city really does reduce the stress of having to find a non-smoking coffee shop with an available seat and Wi-Fi. In several of the centers we have really gotten to know the helpful receptionists. We figure it actually works out cheaper for our staff to use the lounges, as we do not have to buy too many coffees these days.

Regus ThinkPod Stress-Free Work Environment

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