Trueberry organic cold pressed juice shop joins HealthyTOKYO

What is organic cold pressed juice? Are you familiar with vegan raw sweets? Have you ever thought about getting a vegan birthday cake for you or a loved one? Good news for those of us who can’t get enough healthy organic, vegetarian and vegan food in Tokyo. With locations in Hiroo and Nakameguro, Trueberry joins HealthyTOKYO and the growing line-up of some of the best natural and healthy restaurants in Japan.

Trueberry has assembled an amazing array of organic vegetables and other great vegan supplements to use in their wonderful drink and food creations. So many varieties of delectable superfood smoothies, cold pressed juice, vegan raw sweets, and vegan food dishes.

The friendly staff, headed by their passionate founder Naoko Nishimura are “healthy consultants” that can guide you to the right pressed juices for you’re condition on a particular day. The HealthyTOKYO Team has partaken of several varieties and internally we still cannot agree on whether “The Green” or “The Beet Purple” is the best. We will certainly go back for more as none of us have yet to try their specialty drinks, which include “Homemade Raw Amazake” and “Super Detox Coffee”.

Speaking of detox, Trueberry offers several types of pressed juice cleansing plans. And if you are a Premium Member, you get a 5% discount on the entire menu, including the 1, 2 and 3-day cleansing detox packages.

The Hiroo shop, with its welcoming and natural-feeling atmosphere, has tables available to sit and enjoy their full menu of vegan and raw foods and scrumptious drinks. Their latest shop in Nakameguro provides take-out only with all of the drinks available alongside of a growing number of raw sweets.

If you are shopping for a vegan birthday cake, contact them five days in advance by phone or email and they will get the vegetarian elves working overtime.