Sugarlady UNICEF

The Sugarlady UNICEF fund

Sugarlady is socially responsible! Sugarlady contributed to a well drilling project in Sudan in 1986 through UNICEF. In 1991, it partnered with UNICEF to create the Sugarlady UNICEF Fund to help children around the world. Every year Sugarlady donates $100,000 on top of donations collected around Japan to UNICEF for this program.

Some of the projects the Sugarlady UNICEF fund have undertaken are:

  • Poverty and hunger alleviation in Africa.
  • A nutrition project in Malawi.
  • Development of sanitation and safe water systems in Bhutan.
  • Supporting education in Madagascar.
  • Disaster relief around Japan.

Natural ingredients

Sugarlady food is real food
Sugarlady is committed to sourcing its food and ingredients from the highest quality places around the world. Sugarlady products and ingredients are natural and do not contain artificial additives.


Commitment to Quality

Give your family the highest quality food
Quality control and safety are of the utmost importance to Sugarlady. The products undergo repeated stages of testing and must comply with various checkpoints to ensure the best gets from the farm to you.