Antibiotic and hormone free meat

Sugar Meat is raised with feed free from chemical medicines, antibiotics, hormones and genetically modified crops. The meat is responsibly sourced from around the world and must adhere to stringent conditions to maintain both the flavor, vitamin and mineral content.


Sugar Beef is sourced from Black Angus cattle that is raised on ranches in Australia and New Zealand. The cattle are allowed to mature longer than conventional, factory farmed beef and have the added bonus of being raised in a natural environment in the Australian and New Zealand highlands.


Sugar Pork is raised domestically in Ehime prefecture. The pork is tender, and to ensure you’re getting meat of the highest quality, Sugar Pork is raised for three generations before being harvested for meat.


Sugarlady uses Akadori (red hens) that have been raised in the nature rich mountains of Kagawa and Tokushima prefectures.


Natural & Non GMO Vegetables

Veggies straight from your backyard! Sugarlady vegetables are naturally grown and many are certified organic by JAS. They are harvested in season and snap frozen straight away to preserve freshness, flavor, vitamins and minerals. The produce is also meticulously washed and prepared so you can enjoy delicious fruit and vegetables all year round.

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JAS Certified Organic Produce

What does the JAS organic symbol mean?
JAS stands for the Japan Agricultural Standards. They are a body that provides organic accreditation for products sold in Japan. What growing procedure does fresh produce have to undergo to be certified organic by JAS?
JAS certified organic produce:

1. Must be grown on land that has not had contact with chemical pesticides or fertilizers for more than 3 years.

2. Must contain no trace of chemical or synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

3. Must be non-GMO.

4. Must not have any exposure to radiation.

Sugarlady Seasonings

Sugarlady Seasonings

Natural, fresh and full of flavor! The range of Sugarlady seasonings harness the power of natural “umami” and don’t use artificial colors or flavors. Sugarlady seasonings contain natural extracts for flavor, similar to the soup stock you would make at home. Like other products in the Sugarlady line, the seasoning and condiments are natural, non-GMO and free from MSG and other additives.

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Shipping and Packaging

See the journey Sugarlady food takes to get to you!
The frozen food is delivered to you in a cold storage truck in premium condition. If you order non frozen food as well then it is shipped in a separate box.

Watch this video to find out more.

Feed your skin

Health & Beauty

Feed your skin
Take care of yourself inside and out and browse the skincare, haircare and cosmetics line.
Sugarlady cosmetics are free from:

  • Designated additives
  • Petroleum derived surfactants
  • Artificial perfumes or scents
  • Artificial colors

*The hair color treatment is free from designated additives, petroleum derived surfactants, artificial perfumes or scents and diamine.
Sugarlady has your entire beauty routine sorted, from skincare, all the way to make up bases, natural sunscreen, hair care products and even natural toothpaste!

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Supplements straight from nature

Sugarlady carries a range of supplements. You can get your greens from their barley greens sachets. Sugarlady also carries “Purelady” calorie free healthy tea that is rich in flavonoids.
Sugarlady’s range of supplements includes collagen, choline and royal jelly. They will have you fresh faced and feeling great!

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Household goods

Create a natural space with household products
Sugarlady also has a range of household products available. Find everything you need to prepare Sugarlady foods from knives that are made in Japan, pots and pans, bamboo steamers, cutlery, chopping boards, and traditional Japanese lacquer boxes.

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