Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the fruit and vegetables come from?

The produce is sourced from around the world, only from areas that are scanned and approved by Sugarlady for clean, natural agricultural practices. There are various farms in Japan and Taishan in China that grow natural, non-GMO and organic.

Where does the meat come from?

The meat is sourced from around the world. The beef is from Australia and New Zealand, the pork is from Ehime and the chicken is from Kagawa and Tokushima.

Does the meat contain hormones or antibiotics?

No, the meat does not contain any chemical hormones or antibiotics and is all non-GMO.

Are Sugarlady products exposed to radiation?

All Sugarlady products go through a stringent seven stage check process and part of it, is a two stage radioactivity test with both a NaI (TI) scintillation survey meter and a Becquerel monitor.

Is the seafood safe?

Yes, all the seafood is caught in uncontaminated waters. If it is farmed seafood, such as the eel or shrimp then it does not contain any hormone disrupting chemicals or antibiotics.

Are frozen fruit and vegetables healthy?

Yes, Sugarlady frozen fruit and vegetables are all naturally and often organically farmed, they are non-GMO grown and harvested in season then snap frozen to lock in freshness, flavor and nutrients.

Where can I buy Sugarlady products in English?

You can buy the whole range on the HealthyTOKYO shop.