Is frozen food healthy?

Sugarlady frozen vegetables are harvested in season and snap frozen almost immediately after picking. Snap freezing produce means all the nutritional value from the fruit and vegetables are retained after freezing.

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Organic, all the things

We offer 17 organic varieties of ingredients from Sugarlady. These products are not only naturally grown, Sugarlady goes the extra mile and uses a gas chromatograph mass spectrometer to test for residual pesticide contamination.


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Browse our entire collection

Browse our wide selection of 27 types of flash frozen vegetables ready to be shipped to your doorstep.


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Know your Source

Sugarlady provides full traceability for organic vegetables. Production, manufacturing, processing and transportation of the products are all managed through a production number that you can trace online on their website

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Handled with Care

Sugarlady vegetables are carefuly washed and blanched so all traces of dirt and microorganisms are removed. This means you can greatly reduce preparation time and green waste.