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AAFCO Standard Natural Pet Food, Gluten-free, Artificial Supplements-free, Non-GMO

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    Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet can be a struggle, not just for us, but also for our pets. To make it easy, K9 Natural has brought the world’s healthiest food for dogs and cats from New Zealand to Japan.

    Within each bag, K9 Natural has prepared just the right diet for your dogs and cats. The recipes contain greater than 90% meat (99% for cats), from free-range, grass-fed livestock or cage-free chicken raised in the pollution-free environment of New Zealand. The full menu includes single source proteins of beef, chicken, lamb or venison combined with green-lipped mussels, fruits, and vegetables. Bones, blood, and organs from the livestock are also used to provide nutrients, such as calcium, glucosamine, iron, and probiotics. All ingredients are grown naturally, without any growth hormones, antibiotics, artificial supplements, nor genetic modifications. One of the primary health benefits is that all products are grain, cereal, potato, bean and gluten free. Unknown to many, carbohydrates are actually unsuitable for your carnivorous dogs and cats. Just like humans, eating the right diet can help them prevent or improve chronic diseases.

    K9 Natural is the only brand offering freeze-dried pet food in Japan. Freeze-drying works by taking away most of the moisture in the food to prevent it from oxidizing. The nutritional benefit is that all ingredients are kept raw. Raw food has a higher nutritional value as vitamins and enzymes remain undamaged, as opposed to cooking, where high temperatures damage these nutrients. This method of processing combined with Vitamin E gives each bag of K9 Natural pet food in Japan a shelf life of 2 years.

    What will most likely be intriguing for your pet is the natural smell of the food. A bag of Lamb Feast gives off the same mouthwatering smell as a rack of lamb chops. As the ingredients are all human-grade quality, and uncooked, keeping the natural smell and taste of the food available for your pet to savor. To keep your pet’s appetite satisfied, the recommendation is to rotate between the different types of feasts available regularly. To top off each meal with a treat, you can add some Green Tripe. Made from lamb stomach, the Green Tripe is not only tasty, but also full of probiotics and healthy enzymes.

    Feeding is very simple. Just by adding water in a ratio of 3ml of water for each gram of food, the freeze-dried pet food returns to a moist state, without expanding. The moisture also rehydrates your pet with the fluids they need. Without any water weight, the pet food is lightweight and easy to pack, even for weekend trips. K9 Natural pet food meets AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) standards is available to you both online and at quality retailers.

    Dogs and cats can be our loyal companions for more than 15 years if they are well cared for. One very important part of that is feeding them the right diet. Putting the best meals into every bag, K9 Natural pet food in Japan is your partner in keeping your pet healthy and happy.

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