The King Clinic – Immunization and Travel Medicine

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

The King Clinic – Immunization and Travel Medicine

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Areas of Expertise

 General Practice

 Immunizations for All Ages


 Travel Medicine

General Practice
Immunizations for All Ages

PediatricsTravel Medicine


iori Omotesando B1F, 6-31-11, Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo, 150 – 000140 – 0001

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Clinic Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
10:00p.m. – 12:45p.m.
03:00p.m. – 04:45p.m.

10:00a.m. – 02:00p.m.

10:00a.m. – 02:00p.m.


Japanese Health Insurance (NHI)
Private Insurance, Foreign Insurance (Kindly send us a guarantee of payment letter from your insurance provider in advance. For more details, please call +81-3-3409-0764.)

Payment Methods

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, JCB, Cash

Clinic Highlights

In the heart of the prestigious Omotesando district, The King Clinic has been providing first class immunization and travel medicine in Tokyo to the international community for well over sixty years.
Outdoor sign at The King Clinic

General Practice (Internal Medicine & Minor Surgery), Immunizations for All Ages, Pediatrics (Saturdays Only), Travel Medicine, Health Checks

Equipment & Devices
X-ray, Electrocardiogram, Laboratory Work (outsourced), Ultrasonography, Spirometry, Visual acuity, Audiometry


Dr. Leo King

Licenses, Accreditation and Awards
Leo A. T. King M.D.; Physician at St. Lukes International Hospital, Tokyo. United Nations Examining Physician. Certificate in Travel Health. The rest of the staff are equally qualified in various distinctions such as pediatric board members and sports physicians.
King Clinic is a member of: The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene; International Society of Travel Medicine; The Asia Pacific Travel Health Society; Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine; The Japanese Society for Vaccinology; Japan Surgical Association; Japan Medical Association

Procedures Performed
Please make an appointment by telephone first so that we can advise you about our services.

Clinic Information

Theodor T. King first established the clinic after being invited to return to Japan, due to his high reputation, by General D MacArthur in the wake of WWII. Like father, like son, Leo A. T King M.D. has overseen things since 1999 and brought the clinic to it’s sparkling new location just over four years ago. He leads the team, with four other doctors, in all general areas of healthcare as well a particular focus on travel vaccinations including many which can be found no where else in Japan.

At The King Clinic – Immunization and Travel Medicine in Tokyo, the dedication to care starts from the moment you arrive. The huge windows at the basement location allow for both lots of natural light and discretion for patients. The spectacular lobby is suitably professional and the calming wood tones and uncluttered space will alleviate even the most anxious patient. Everything has been thought out to provide the most comfortable and relaxed experience.Once in a consultation room you are immediately struck by the calm, natural lighting and the impressive array of the latest equipment and furnishings most of which have been imported from America or Germany. Even the X-Ray room has been designed to be as welcoming as possible.

In consultation, Dr. King (who is fully bilingual) takes pride in the amount of time he gives patients and that the clinic is one of the few in the country which stands on Western logic that extends beyond simply the language. Medical issues are not to be taken lightly and it can be extremely daunting seeking medical advise in a foreign country not only in terms of language but also culture and logic norms. Dr. King fully believes in treating the ill person and not the disease while also providing as much information to the patient as possible.

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As well as providing a General Practice and pediatric care for those in Tokyo and its surroundings, The King Clinic is a leading specialist in travel medicine and immunizations. Dr. King himself is one the most respected experts in vaccines in Japan and often lectures on the subject. As a result, the The King Clinic has the unique distinction of providing a huge variety of vaccines from the standard malaria, measles, hepatitis and influenza immunizations but also specialist vaccinations such as cholera and also others that are not produced in Japan for conditions in countries all over the world. Dr. King imports these with a special license and is fully certified in Travel Health. The complete list of vaccines is available on request.

The King Clinic Visions:
– To be an active member of the international community and to be a bridge to the local community.
– To sustain our standards and quality to the highest level.
– To continue to be an innovator in all fields and as a vaccine provider to supply the latest and safest vaccines.
– To continue the legacy and spirit of the clinics founder, Theodor T. King, M.D. Ph.D.

Hours are by appointment only and The King Clinic – Immunization and Travel Medicine in Tokyo aims to meet all appointments within a week of calling.

  • Receptionist at The King Clinic – Experienced Doctor in Omotesando

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