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104 Atrium Shirokane 5-12-27 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108 – 0072

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Clinic Highlights

It used to be difficult to find a physiotherapist in Tokyo, until two Australian physiotherapy specialists and elite triathletes, Bevan and Vanessa Colless, started Tokyo Physio in 2002 to treat members of the expat community who’d been injured or had a chronic condition they wanted fixed. About 95 percent of Tokyo Physio’s patients are foreign, with the rest mainly Japanese clients taking advantage of its massage services and Pilates classes. Of those, 90 percent come to the clinic with injuries that need urgent attention. According to Bevan Colless, people come here because Tokyo Physio gets them back to 100 percent.

Many of the clinic’s services reflect the high-level competitive pursuits of its staff. Those related services include performing running biomechanical assessments since 2010, and bike fittings since 2012; the latter is something no other physiotherapist in Tokyo can do. Bevan Colless has also been a certified triathlon coach since 2012, and Tokyo Physio advised and treated British marathon runner Mara Yamauchi, who placed sixth at the Beijing Olympics. Tokyo Physio will be providing physio and massage services for the international and provincial rugby teams involved in the upcoming Rugby World Cup in Japan, including the New Zealand All Blacks and the English rugby squad.

Tokyo Physio’s training and services extend beyond the athletic and into the realms of the office and even pregnancy. They’ve been providing onsite office ergonomic consultations to Goldman Sachs for over ten years, and have worked with Blackrock and a number of legal firms and embassies around town as well. They also offer seminars on how to set up your workstation correctly, your positioning and monitor height, and safe and healthy work practices.


Bevan Tokyo Physio

Bevan Colless

Degree in sports science, University of Technology Sydney
Bachelor of applied science (physiotherapy), University of Sydney
Certified running injury specialist by The Running Clinic
Certified Level 1 Triathlon Coach
F.I.S.T.-certified bike fitter

In addition to being a physiotherapist in Tokyo, Bevan is an elite Age Group (amateur) triathlete and ten-time Ironman finisher, with several age group and overall podium finishes in triathlons around the world. 

Vanessa Tokyo Physio

Vanessa Colless

Degree in medical science and physiotherapy from the University of Sydney

In addition to doing running biomechanical assessments and general physiotherapy, Vanessa Colless provides women’s health treatments for both the pre-and postnatal phases of pregnancy, such as for women with tears in their abdominal muscles, and postnatal abdominal and pelvic floor training. Vanessa is a physiotherapist in Tokyo that is also an elite level ironman triathlete, and was the third Australian female in her age group to finish in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii in 2012.

jisup Tokyo Physio

Ji-Sup Choi

Double degree, neuroscience and physiotherapy, Otago University, New Zealand
Certificate, upper quartile, New Zealand Manipulative Physiotherapy Association

Ji-Sup Choi, a native New Zealander, is a physiotherapist in Tokyo that plays fly half for the Tokyo Crusaders rugby team. Ji-Sup Choi has been involved with various sports teams as a sports medic in New Zealand, specifically in field hockey for Auckland national representative teams and at New Zealand Junior hockey camps.

haruno yamazaki Tokyo Physio

Haruno Shannon (Yamazaki)

Certified Romana’s Pilates instructor
Classical ballet and contemporary dance—School of American Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Chautauqua Institute of Dance, Ballet School of Stamford, and Greenwich Ballet Academy; has performed as a principal and prima in productions all over the world

Haruno Shannon, who performs massage and teaches Pilates, is a classically trained professional dancer. Haruno, the clinic’s resident massage therapist and Pilates instructor, has worked in some of the world’s top Pilates studios, including in New York and Belgium. She specializes in oil-based aromatherapy and remedial massages.

Tokyo Physio


Doctorate in physical therapy, Franklin Pierce University, Arizona, U.S.

Joseph Padilla had his own orthopedic clinic in the sports-mad U.S. state of Colorado and treats all types of orthopedic pain, but specializes in low back pain, neck pain, headaches and plantar fasciitis using a variety of massage and joint mobilization techniques in conjunction with home exercises he gives based on the impairments he identifies during the examination. 

Pia Aizawa

Pia is the first smile to greet you at Tokyo Physio. Pia will assist you with your reservation and ensure all your interactions with Tokyo Physio are as smooth as possible. She speaks and reads Japanese fluently and can assist you with your insurance claim if needed.

About Tokyo Physio

The Tokyo Physio network now extends to several ski areas in Japan as well as Singapore and Malaysia. Tokyo Physio’s main office, located near Hiroo Station, has one wing for Pilates and massage and another for the physiotherapy side, as well as a small outdoor training area where they do more late-stage rehabs—what they call the “return to sport” phase, incorporating agility work and so on. 

In the wintertime, the clinic expands dramatically to around fifty staff in branches in Niseko, Hakuba and other prime ski areas; each location has its own managing physiotherapist and other staff. These branches open in December and stay open as long as the ski lifts are running. 

The physiotherapists at Tokyo Physio are specialists in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, and see around a hundred of them each year, primarily during the winter right off the slopes. Bevan Colless has presented at international conferences on ACL ruptures and ACL post-op management. 

The clinic provides pediatric physiotherapy and orthopedic help for children, and nurses and PE teachers from the city’s international schools regularly refer patients to Tokyo Physio. The clinic’s physiotherapists will treat children at home, and also go to clients who are homebound because of a serious injury.

Three other facets set Tokyo Physio apart from any other physiotherapist in Tokyo:

  • Its convenient and private online booking system allows you to log in, click on a particular therapist, select a time, and book and confirm an appointment within thirty seconds. 
  • The clinic’s popular home exercise program comes complete with a link to a personal webpage that lists the specific exercises for your particular injury—including reps and frequency—with explanatory photos and videos of each.
  • An unusual treatment that uses a NASA-invented technology called Game Ready, an icing and compression machine seen on the sidelines at professional sports fields. The Game Ready’s icy water wraps provide pain relief and reduce the swelling quickly and dramatically, allowing the physiotherapists to start treatment sooner. Highly effective for treating damaged joints, especially injured knees, as well as post-op knees and ankles and shoulders. 

Tokyo Physio accepts travel insurance and international insurance from all of the big international health insurers like CIGNA, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Alliance—if you have got international coverage you can make a claim—but not NHI. Travel insurance usually covers treatment at Tokyo Physio. The clinic needs a doctor’s referral, but can help you with that because they have good relationships with a number of doctors. Tokyo Physio is also happy to help you through the claim process.


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104 Atrium Shirokane 5-12-27 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108 – 0072