Additive-Free Premium Soy Sauce to Your Door

Unprocessed whole soybeans, wheat, rice and a dash of sun dried salt. Non-GMO and fermented in the traditional methods. Nothing but natural “black gold” from Japan. You won’t find MSG, highly processed defatted soy beans, artificial ingredients or preservatives in Sugarlady Premium soy sauce made in Japan. Choose from organic, low-sodium, raw and dark varieties. Taste the difference. Your body will thank you.

Premium Organic Soy Sauce

JAS certified organic premium Japanese soy sauce. Ultra-select special grade. Contains organic soy beans, organic wheat, organic rice and sun dried salt. It doesn’t get ant better than this. Comes in a 300ml glass bottle.


Premium Low Sodium Soy Sauce

Ultra-select special grade pure brew dark Japanese soy sauce with 50% less salt. Made using the oikoji shikomi method which naturally lowers salt content without damaging the essential flavors. Comes in a 300ml glass bottle.

Premium Raw Soy Sauce

Ultra-extra select grade dark “raw” Japanese soy sauce. Raw soy sauce is made without heat for a rich fragrance and taste. Use for sashimi, sushi, chilled tofu, pickles and natto. Comes in a convenient squeeze bottle for easy dispensing and to maintain freshness. Made from whole non-GMO soy beans, wheat, salt, rice & alcohol. Comes in a 210 ml squeeze bottle.


Premium Dark Soy Sauce

Ultra-extra select pure dark brew Japanese soy sauce. Perfect for sushi sashimi and grilled items. Great soy sauce for everyday cooking. Made from whole non-GMO soy beans, wheat, salt and rice. Comes in a 500 ml plastic bottle.