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All 3 items in this aging skin care set contain placenta extract. This set is designed to help counteract the effects of time on your skin.
This set contains one 30ml bottle of essence, one 80ml bottle of lotion, and one 30g tube of cream.
Store at room temperature.  
Sold by Sugarlady, leading purveyor of natural and additive-free supplements and beauty products in Japan

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About the product

Purelady’s Placentia products are designed to help counteract the effects of time on your skin. They contains SLA capsules, which are aging care capsules developed uniquely by Sugarlady. These capsules contain four ingredients in particular that will help you to have beautiful, youthful skin: morus alba root extract, adansonia digitata seed oil, geranium robertianum extract, and citrus junos fruit extract.

Purelady’s Placentia essence, lotion, and cream will aid in thoroughly moisturizing your skin, and help it to be soft and springy. If the essence is used before your usual skin care routine, it will make the outer layer of your skin more pliable and allow any products you use next to more fully sink in. The lotion brings moisture down into the outer layer of your skin, working to keep it healthy and leading the way to lustre and vibrancy. The cream locks moisture and its own beauty ingredients into your skin, holding them there for many hours. It also protects your skin from dryness and helps it to be both smooth and resilient.

How to use

After washing your face, dispense an optimal quantity (1 to 2 pushes) of Placentia essence and gently smooth it into your skin. Proceed with the rest of your usual skincare routine before the essence fully dries.After applying the Placentia essence, dispense an optimal quantity (at least enough to cover a 10 yen coin) of Placentia lotion and gently smooth it into your skin.After applying the Placentia lotion, dispense an optimal quantity (3cm to 4cm) of Placentia cream and smooth it across your whole face. We also recommend applying the cream to the back of your neck.Placentia cream can also be used as a makeup base.These three Placentia items can also be purchased individually.Caution:-While using these products, keep an eye out for any skin abnormalities. If any of the products do not agree with your skin (namely, if any of the below occur), cease use of the products. If you do not cease use, you may aggravate your symptoms; so please consult with a medical dermatology specialist.1. If your skin experiences slight redness, swelling or boils, itchiness, irritation, loss of color (white spots, vitiligo, etc), or darkening, cease use of the products.2. If any of the above occur when skin on which you have used these products is exposed to direct sunlight, cease use of the products.-Do not use these products on or near areas of skin where you have a wound, a tumor or swelling, eczema or a rash, soreness or inflammation, or abnormal pigmentation.-If you get any of these products in your eyes, rinse them immediately.-Caution (regarding storage and handling):1. After each use, be sure to securely replace caps.2. Store out of reach of infants.3. Do not store anywhere that becomes extremely hot or cold, or anywhere that receives direct sunlight.4. Keep the openings of the bottles and tube clean and sanitary.5. Once these products have been opened, they should be used within 6 months.6. When the essence appears to be finished, check for any remaining essence on the inner walls of the bottle.

Volume: Placentia essence x 1, Placentia lotion x 1, Placentia cream x 1

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Placentia set (3 items)


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