Pump bottle (for Purelady’s Silk shampoo or Silk treatment)


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This pump bottle is made for dispensing Purelady’s Silk shampoo or Silk treatment.
Contains 1 Bottle, 1 Silk shampoo label and 1 Silk treatment label.

Sold by Sugarlady, leading purveyor of natural and additive-free goods in Japan

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About the product

Our Silk shampoo (item 8372) and Silk treatment (item 8373) are both sold in the form of refill pouches. Whenever your bottle becomes empty, you can simply refill it without needing to replace it! Each bottle conveniently comes with two elegantly designed adhesive labels (one for the shampoo and one for the treatment), allowing you to immediately mark which bottle is which. The labels are also colorful for easy differentiation.

It can be difficult to find space in closets or cabinets for extra bottles of hair products, but the shampoo and treatment refill pouches take up very little space at all; allowing you to have plenty of refills on hand whenever you need them!

Purelady’s Silk shampoo contains ingredients derived from silk and coconut oil, and is gentle as it cleans. It also contains natural plant extracts (panax ginseng root, rehmannia glutinosa root, and crataegus oxyacantha) that promote the circulation of blood. This shampoo will protect your scalp from dehydration, and assist in preventing dandruff and itchy skin.

Purelady’s Silk treatment contains amino acid-derived conditioning ingredients that will soak right into the damaged portions of your hair. This treatment will help your hair to be glossy and less tangled. It will also help your hair to have volume, from the roots on up.

How to use

Unscrew the top of the bottle, use scissors to cut open the indicated corner of your Silk shampoo or Silk treatment refill pouch, and pour the contents of the pouch into the body of the bottle. You may need to squeeze the pouch gently to cause the shampoo/treatment to continue flowing. Once the pouch is nearly empty, squeeze it firmly from bottom to top to ensure that the shampoo/treatment fully dispenses.Before replacing the top of the bottle, clean the inside of the top and the neck of the bottle, as shampoo/treatment there can cause sticking or clogging.

Volume: 1 bottle, 1 Silk shampoo label, 1 Silk treatment label


This product does not contain common allergens.

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Pump bottle (for Purelady's Silk shampoo or Silk treatment)-A

Pump bottle (for Purelady’s Silk shampoo or Silk treatment)