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Soy Meat 8-Meal Variety Set

Soy Meat 8-Meal Variety Set


Enjoy our popular easy-to-use Soy Meat Meals which is 100% free of animal products, additives, and preservatives. Choose between four different flavors and put together your very own 8-meal variety set.


The soy meat comes in an easy-to-use pack. Mix the sauce with vegetables or tofu to prepare a 100% vegetarian and delicious meal. No additives or preservatives are used making these healthy dishes.


All four flavors are recommended to vegetarians and vegans by Japan Vegetarian Society. No garlic is used, so there is no need to worry about bad-breath after your meal. The recipes are developed under the supervision of renowned vegetarian chef, Izumi Shoji.

Recommended ways to prepare your delicious vegetarian meals:


mabo tofu soy meatMapo Tofu Soy Meat_cooked

Mapo Tofu Soy Meat

Empty the package content in a frying and heat up. Add sliced (about 1.5cm) Tofu and continue to heat up while mixing with the soy meat.


Soy meat Sweet and Spicy Stir Fry sauceSoy Meat with Sweet and Spicy Sauce_cooked

Soy Meat with Sweet and Spicy Sauce

Spread vegetable oil on frying pan, cook bite sized cut vegetables and mushrooms on high heat. Add the sauce pack to the sauteed vegetables and cook again.


Soy meat Spicy Thai CurrySpicy Thai Curry Soy Meat_cooked

Spicy Thai Curry Soy Meat

To prepare with hot water: Take pack out of box and place in hot water without opening the package. Boil in hot water for 10 minutes. Take package out of water and serve.
To prepare with microwave: Open pack and place in bowl or dish. Cover with cling wrap and heat (cannot microwave the pack itself).
Please follow directions of your microwave as heating time, watts, microwave type differ between machines. Sample: Heat 2 minutes on 500w.


soy meat vegan chinese hoikoroChinese Pork Sauce Soy Meat_cooked

Chinese Pork Sauce Soy Meat

Spread vegetable oil in frying pan, cook bite-size cut cabbage on high heat. Add pack to cabbage and cook again.

Nutrition Facts
Mapo Tofu Soy MeatServing Size: 180g
Ingredients: Sesame oil, soybean processed food (defatted soybean, dietary fiber), vegetables (celery, ginger), mushroom boiled, rice miso, sweet bean sauce, starch, miso processed goods, shiitake mushroom extract, sugar, salt, pepper, kelp seasoning powder, yeast extract, Vinegar / sulfuric acid Ca, (some including a soy-sesame)
Nutrition Facts
Soy Meat with Sweet and Spicy SauceServing Size: 180g
Ingredients: granular soy protein (pea protein, powder soy protein, dietary fiber, defatted soybean, starch), apple vinegar, sugar, maple syrup, soy sauce, starch, vegetable oil, celery, salt, yeast extract, hot pepper, (contains flour, soy, and apple products)
Nutrition Facts
Spicy Thai Curry Soy MeatServing Size: 180g
Ingredients: granular soy protein (pea protein, powder soy protein, dietary fiber, defatted soybean, starch), bamboo shoots, vegetables (celery, ginger), mushroom, vegetable oil, coconut milk, soymilk, soy sauce, starch, curry powder, hot pepper, salt, yeast extract, lime leaf, cardamon, cumin, (contains flour and soy products)
Nutrition Facts
Chinese Pork Sauce Soy MeatServing Size: 120g
Ingredients: granular soy protein (defatted soybean, salt), vegetables (celery, ginger) sesame oil, rice miso, sweet bean sauce, miso processed goods, starch, sugar, brewed vinegar, food coloring (caramel), contains soy and sesame products
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