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Life Fit Seat Massager 1

Life Fit Seat Massager


Sofas and chairs become heated full-scale massage machines!

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Typical massage equipments tends to be large taking up a lot of spce. We recommend trying our “Seat Massager”. Easily place it on your sofa or chair without taking any more extra space. Not only can this heated seat massager relieve your stiff neck and shoulders, it can also massage your waist and thighs at the same time. As a company that specializes in medical devices, we are confident it will relieve stiff, sore, tired muscles and fatigue.

The excellent massaging technology is backed by high reviews of the test monitors with comments such as “Feels like it really is hands massaging you”. “The comfort is the same as a big massger equipment, but so much more affordable”. You can get a 5,000 yen massage 6 times for the same price!

- Size / width 53cm x height 110cm x thickness 20cm
- Cord length: 180cm
- Weight / 8 kg
- Materials: 【Chair cloth】 Polyester 【Operator plate】 ABS
- Power / AC100V (50/60Hz)
- Power consumption / about 85W
- Can hold up to about 90 kg
- Electricity expense per hour / 2.29 yen (15 minutes : 0.57 yen)
- Model type: FM003


- Made in China
- Medical equipment manufacture sales ID / 227AKBZX00101000
- 1 year warranty (recognized from date of shipping)
- Please do you use with chairs with chairs and/or rotating fuctions
- Please be aware that continued use over a long period of time may have adverse effects
- This appliance is designed for use in Japan only and cannot be used in any other country
- No servicing is available outside of Japan
Shipping Rate
FREE SHIPPING for orders over ¥10,000
¥500 flat rate* for orders under ¥10,000
For international orders, please contact us for details.
*Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku, Okinawa and other isolated islands: ¥1,000

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