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Yutanpo Eco Copper Heater – Hot water bottle


Heat your entire body from the core.

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Yutanpo Eco Copper Heater is an elegant and efficient high capacity hot water bottle.

Copper is an excellent heat conductor and will quickly warm the body from the core. During the cold winters, this will help you fall into a warm and deep sleep.

● Key Features:
Heat conductivity is four times that of iron to help you warm up quickly!
The warm water inside, it will quickly and evenly reach your body.

Heat up from your core with 1.2 liters of warm water!
With its larger 1.2 liter capacity, rest assured that the this bottle will remain warm to  and provide comfort to all corners of your body.

Safe to use as heat dissipates slowly!
The principle of hot water bottles is  that the heat diminishes slowly over time. Copper is a good thermal conductor, so even on cold mornings, the bottle maintains its warmth. To prevent low-temperature burns, the bottle comes with a 100% cotton cover.

How to choose the right heat bottle and cautions for use
The most important factor in choosing a heat bottle is the conductivity of the bottle and volume capacity. At the very least you need over 1 liter volume for effective warming. Please be careful of low-temperature burns. If is too hot, wrap the bottle in towels to adjust the amount of heat being emitted. It is also important to control the heat so as to not sweat. Please also remember to move the bottle around while in use.

- Items/ Main body, storage bag, spare rubber clasp, cold-burn warning guide, user manual
- Size / length 24.8cm x width 16.8cm x height 4.5cm
- Volume / 1.2 L
- Weight / 760g
- Material / 【Main body】 Copper 【Clasp】 Brass 【Hook】Stainless steel 【Storage Bag】Cotton 100%


- Made in Japan
- Please be careful of cold-burn. If too hot, please cover item with extra towels and adjust temperature.
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For international orders, please contact us for details.
*Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku, Okinawa and other isolated islands: ¥1,000

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