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Ma’s Happy Life Kitchen Organic Coconut Milk 400ml

Ma’s Happy Life Kitchen Organic Coconut Milk 400ml


Organic coconut milk.


This organic coconut milk is perfect for curries and soups.


About Ma’s Happy Life Kitchen

Ma’s Happy Life Kitchen has been a leading food manufacturer in Sri Lanka for more than 25 years. Its tasty coconut milk and curry paste products are born out of the idea of a balanced lifestyle linked to the country’s religious philosophy of wellbeing and sustainability.

The vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices used in the company’s organic-certified range of products originate from the ecologically important region of Matale, renowned for its long-standing affiliation with sustainable agriculture. The company’s coconut processing facility is situated in the heart of the island’s production region, coconut triangle, providing a continuous source of fresh, raw materials.

Founded by food enthusiast and entrepreneur Mario De Alwis and his wife Suzette, Ma’s Happy Life Kitchen is a family-owned business. It is committed not only to producing quality products but also to sustainability of the environment and the betterment of the community with which it works. The company is deeply committed to the principles of fair trade and is uncompromising in its responsibilities to the community. It supports welfare programmes such as promoting education for all by providing free school books and facilitating sustainable agricultural practices.


Nutrition Facts
Per 100g
Calories:162 kcal
Protein:0.2 g
Fat:17 g
Carbohydrates:4.9 g
Sodium:130 mg
Ingredients:Organic coconut milk, stabilizer: Guar Gum
Shipping Rate
FREE SHIPPING for orders over ¥10,000
¥500 flat rate* for orders under ¥10,000
For international orders, please contact us for details.
*Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku, Okinawa and other isolated islands: ¥1,000

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