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Artigiana Genovese Organic Olive Spread

Artigiana Genovese Organic Olive Spread


Delicious, organic olive spread, ideal for spreading and dipping.

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This delicious Mediterranean specialty has an intense fruity taste of black olives reduced to a paste and enriched with extra virgin olive oil.

It is good for garnishing toast or sandwiches and with white meat or fish dishes. It adds a genuine Italian touch to salad dressings and pasta sauces.

Our delicious paste is produced exclusively with the pulp of Leccino olives, carefully selected and harvested in the most prestigious and renowned olive grove in Puglia, Italy.

Our Paté of Black Olive is a delicate and refined paste, which can be used for the most delicious preparations.


About Artigiana Genovese

Artigiana Genovese is a family-owned business specialising in the production of traditional, organic Pesto alla Genovese in Genoa, Italy, from where pesto originates.

The company was founded in 1998 by Aldo Amadori and has been passed down to the Amadori brothers, who continue to bring the same pride and passion to every product.

In 2005, the European Community granted the status of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) to Genovese Basil, grown exclusively in Liguria. The Genovese basil PDO is famous for its delicate and unique aroma and intense flavour and is the main ingredient of Artigiana Genovese’s pesto.

The organic Genovese basil is picked once per year, in June or July, and then preserved in extra virgin olive oil and salt. By skilfully measuring and pounding the ingredients and, most important, by keeping strict control of the water activity, Artigiana Genovese does not need to pasteurise its Pesto alla Genovese. The result is an exquisite sauce that can be used with pasta, appetizers and pizza.

Year on year, the company’s Pesto Genovese has achieved widespread distinction for its exceptional quality. Artigiana Genovese offers other sauces, such as a unique vegan pesto made with tofu, a red pesto with sundried tomatoes and an olive paste.


Nutrition Facts
Per 100g
Calories:470.57 kcal
Protein:1.3 g
Fat:51.2 g
Carbohydrates:1.6 g
Sodium:1260 mg
Ingredients:black olives preparation* (black olives*, extra virgin olive oil*, salt), extra virgin olive oil*, acidity regulator: E330 May contain traces of nuts, milk and soy. (*Organic ingredients)
Shipping Rate
FREE SHIPPING for orders over ¥10,000
¥500 flat rate* for orders under ¥10,000
For international orders, please contact us for details.
*Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku, Okinawa and other isolated islands: ¥1,000

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