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Glucosamine & Chondroitin Plus for joint care


Supporting you from the inside to keep on walking strong.

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We all want to walk on our own two feet even as we get older, and our popular supplement supports maintaining a healthy body, so that you can keep marching on. Containing a well-balanced blend of eight key nutrients our bodies need past age 50, we also sized it down to a small pill (8mm diameter).

A special formula for those over 50 to help keep their bodies strong and healthy
1. Glucosamine about 1,500mg, Chondroitin about 200mg, premium cartilage component blend in the industry (- daily recommended intake: 10 tablets)
2. Added benefit of MSM, a crucial component in cartilage production
3. New compounds, Type II collagen and hyaluronic acid added
4. Also includes an abundance of other components that assist in keeping and building a strong body – vitamin C, Cat’s Claw, red kidney ginger

- Contains / 280 mg x 300 pieces
- Ingredients/ glucosamine (shirmp, crab source), shark cartilage extract (incl. chondroitin), reduced maltose syrup, MSM (methyl, sulfonyl, methane), chicken cartilate extract (incl. Type II collagen), kintoki ginger powder, edible refined processed oil, cats claw extract powder, crystalline cellulose, vitamin C, silicon dioxide, seatric acid calcium, HPC, hyaluronic acid, (includes crab, shrimp, chicken source ingredients)
- Keep away from direct sunlight, high temperature and keep in cool area even when switching packaging and seal firmly
- Recommended daily intake: 10 pieces per day with water or hot water
- Allergen/ shrimp・crab - Best before 2 years from date of manufacture when stored in room temperature
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