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Tea-based Mouthwash


Improve your oral hygiene with the power of mother nature.

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Our popular tea-based mouthwash is formulated to prevent bad breath. Mild and effective for daily oral care.

The sources for bad breath linger in places between our teeth and on the back of our tongues These are hard-to-reach when just brushing your teeth. Left alone, you may find that one days someone will mention your breath. This can also lead to health problems if the bacteria makes its way to major organs. With these risks, regular and proper brushing and use of mouthwash are certainly important.  Daily mouthwash use is pertinent for oral care.

- Contains / 500ml
- Usage Guide: 1 use/ 10 - 20ml
- Ingredients【Base】water, ethanol 【Wetting agent】Glycerin・BG・Japanese honeysuckle extract 【Flavoring Substances】 Epigallocatechin gallate・xylitol ・honey・propolis extract・tea leaf extract・sweet tea extract・tea extract・lemon juice 【Refreshing Agent】Menthol, Peppermint Oil 【pH Modifier】Citric acid Na ・ Bicarbonate Na ・ Citric acid
- Made in Japan
- Best when consumed quickly upon opening
- Those with alcohol allergies should not use this product as it contains Ethanol
- Discoloration, sediments, floating matters is natural due to natural components of ingredients
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