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Le Moulin du Pivert Twibio filled with Figue

Le Moulin du Pivert Twibio filled with Figue


Organic fig-filled biscuits.

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These delicious organic biscuits have a fig-based filling and are sweetened with wheat syrup and cane sugar. They do not contain eggs, milk, peanuts or animal products, and are hypoallergenic.


About Le Moulin du Pivert
Le Moulin du Pivert produces a range of organic biscuits that incorporate various flavours and ingredients, including chocolate, raisins and figs.

The family-owned business began with the purchase of an old water mill in a small town nestled amongst the Pyrenees, in France. It has since been passed on to three successive generations that have built on their passion for taste, organic farming and commitment to high-quality ingredients.

The company’s biscuits are all made from the organic flour that is produced at the mill. All the sunflower oil used is grown and pressed in France, and other ingredients are sourced locally, when possible.


Nutrition Facts
Per 100g
Calories:375 kcal
Protein:4.4 g
Fat:8.7 g
Carbohydrates:68 g
Sodium:90 mg
Ingredients:Organic flour , organic fig puree , organic cane sugar , organic wheat syrup , organic grape puree , organic edible sunflower oil , organic cocoa butter , organic Rapadeyura , organic lemon juice , salt , organic cinnamon , baking powder.
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*Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku, Okinawa and other isolated islands: ¥1,000

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