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Aloha Table Natural Healthy Restaurant in Hiroo Since 2014


Aloha Table Natural Healthy Restaurant in Hiroo, Tokyo combines a warm and friendly laid-back atmosphere with healthy organic Hawaiian-Pacific food. Just a one-minute walk from Hiroo Station, this second floor restaurant and bar is very popular with locals and wishes to extend their hospitality to the entire English-speaking community.

With neutral earthy tones and wood paneling interior, you’ll immediately feel relaxed and at home. Aloha Table Natural is divided into three areas: the bar, which seats fifteen; the lounge, which seats twenty; and a spacious restaurant, which can seat approximately forty-five people. There’s even a small outside terrace where you can take in a green and lovely view of the street life below.

Their menus offer a plethora of deliciously wholesome eats and drinks. For lunch, you can enjoy one of their detox bowls; choose from acai or veggie green and then add your favourite superfood toppings. Or why not try their crowd-pleasing Loco Moco rice bowl with organic vegetables and beans? For dinner, Aloha Table Natural Healthy Restaurant in Hiroo, Tokyo serves a variety of pupus and tapas, pastas, and even charcoal-grilled barbeque items. Afterwards, you can treat yourself to some Hawaiian natural gelato.

All of it, of course, pairs wonderfully with everything from their impressive selection of cocktails, spirits, beer and Hawaiian wines. For those who prefer not to imbibe any alcohol, Aloha Table has many lattes, teas, smoothies, and pulp-rich juices – all organic – to sample. They even sell homemade lemonade, turmeric ginger ale, and Hawaiian root beer!

Aloha Table Natural Healthy Restaurant in Hiroo, Tokyo is about experiencing slow dining in an environment that is conducive to such. The staff are always amiable (they’ll even help bring up baby strollers from outside) and look forward to interacting with their customers. It’s not just about the food; it’s about sharing the mix of cultures that the area is well-known for. Whether you’re alone or with family, or with a group of friends, Aloha Table Natural welcomes you to experience good times with them.

About Us

Areas of Expertise

Healthy Organic Hawaiian-Pacific Food, Detox Set, Superfood Toppings, Vegetarian

Languages Spoken

Japanese, English menu




Special Offers


    Aloha Table Natural healthy restaurant in hiroo cold drink

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Products & Services


    Aloha Table Natural healthy restaurant in hiroo vegetarian-shabu-shabu-in-hiroo

    Try Aloha Table Naturals original Veggie Shabu, a healthier take on the popular Japanese hotpot. All the ingredients and broth are made of completely free of meat, fish and diary making it both vegetarian and vegan friendly.
    ¥1382 per person. Minimum order of two people.

    *Meat options available for carnivores.
    An All-You-Can-Drink set (¥1700 per person) is also available for customers who orders the Aloha Table Natural original Veggie Shabu.


    Aloha Table Natural healthy restaurant in hiroo acai bowl Original Bowl


    Coconut and Mango Bowl


    Caffeine-less Chocolate and Banana Bowl


    Veggie Green Bowl


    Superfoods Topping

    Add Chia seeds, Goji berries (wolfberry), bee pollen, raw cacao nibs, carob chips (locust beans) or dry prunes to your detox bowl order

    Detox Set

    Add organic baby kale salad and organic carrot ginger juice to your detox bowl order


    Aloha Table Natural healthy restaurant in hiroo salad Aloha’s Eggs Benedict Green on Side

    Chicken, ham, eggs benedict

    Tartare shrimp, eggs benedict


    Homegrown Sprouts Cobb Salad

    Choose three of your favorite toppings from the following: steamed chicken, boiled egg, black olives, avocado, organic carrot, hijiki marinade, couscous, soybean meat, quinoa
    Full Size ¥1382
    Half Size ¥842

    Goji Berries and Nuts Salad


    Organic Baby Kale and Quinoa Salad



    aloha table in hiroo pupus tapas Ahi Poki


    Lomi Lomi Salad


    Garlic Soft-shell Shrimp


    Fried Potatoes


    Garlic Fried Potatoes


    Mochiko Fried Chicken


    Island Tapas Sampler

    Ahi Poki, Lomi Lomi Salmon, Mochiko Fried Chicken, Garlic Soft-shell Shrimp

    Summer Roll

    Vietnamese raw spring rolls filled with shrimp and vermicelli

    Hawaiian Raw Spring Rolls

    Kalua Pork and pineapple

    Veggie Raw Spring Rolls

    Soy meat


    Organic Carrots, Papaya and Long Hijiki Som Tam


    Couscous and Tomato Caprese


    Quesadillas with Lentil Keema Curry (soy meat)


    Mauna Kea Hummus


    Tomato Salsa and Corn Chips


    Spirulina Organic Popcorn


    Organic Corn Mac and Cheese


    Basil Fried Lettuce Wraps with Quinoa and Soy Meat



    Aloha Table Natural healthy restaurant in hiroo roast beef Round Top Beef Steak (200g)

    served with Organic Baby Kale Salad

    Grilled Pork Chop (300g)

    Hawaiian Kiawe Salt and Lemon

    Frilly Spicy Chicken Grill BBQ

    served with Organic Couscous


    Choose from:
    Brown Rice (2 scoops)
    Wakame Brown Rice (2 scoops)
    Black Sesame Bread


    Aloha Table Natural healthy restaurant in hiroo pasta Veggie Green Spaghetti


    Additive-free Bacon Amatriciana


    Organic Corn Eggless Carbonara


    Organic Vegetables and Steamed Chicken Pho


    Spicy Hot Tantan Pho


    Ginger Shrimp Wonton Pho



    Aloha Table Natural healthy restaurant in hiroo loco moco Organic Veggie and Beans LocoMoco


    Tuna and Avocado Poki Rice Bowl


    Fried Chicken Rice and Coriander Salad


    Soy Meat Veggie Gapao


    Kalua Pork and Additive-free Kimchi with Fried Rice



    Aloha Table Natural healthy restaurant in hiroo pancake Plain


    Mixed Berry


    Coconuts and Mango


    Caffeine-less Chocolate and Banana


    Extra toppings

    Your choice of mango, banana, strawberry, whipped cream


    Oreo Cheesecake with Berry Sauce


    Big Island Vanilla Custard Pudding


    Hawaiian Natural Gelato

    Kona Coffee and Macadamia




    Aloha Table Natural healthy restaurant in hiroo carrot jar Organic Carrot and Ginger Juice


    Original Kona Latte and Coffee Blend (Soy Whip)


    Kona Coffee Blend


    Aloha Blend Ice Coffee


    Organic Ceylon Tea


    Organic Herb Blend Tea


    Organic Yerba Mate Tea


    Terere (Flavor Mate Tea)


    Hawaiian Pineapple Smoothie


    Acai and Organic Cacao Shake


    Mango Chai Shake


    Homemade Lemonade


    Hawaiian Root Beer


    Turmeric Ginger Ale



Aloha Table Natural Hiroo


Arisugawa Mansion 2F

5-15-14 Minamiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

106 - 0047

Nearest Stations

Hiroo Station via Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (Exit No. 1 or 2)

How to Get Here

A 1-minute walk north from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line’s Hiroo Station.

Find on Google Map

Opening Hours

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays

    11:30a.m. - 11:30p.m.

    Food last order (10:30 p.m.) Drinks last order (11:00 p.m.)

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